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How do you know if its a "buying keyword" or not? I basically have the basics down when doing kw... high search/low comp ect..but want to know the buying keyword part..
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    Enter your keyword in google,and then look to your right. If you see multiple advertisers then it's pretty safe to say that keyword is making money.
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    You can always run your keyword or website through the website below. I believe that the closer to 1 the number is the more commercial intent a site or keyword has.

    Detecting Online Commercial Intention: Audience Intelligence: adCenter Labs

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    I go with your advice helptobiz. If there are plenty of people paying on the right hand side of the page then it's a buying keyword. The proof is on the first page of google.

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    Microsoft Adcenter has a tool called Detecting Online Commercial Intention. Try it out - it is free. It is great for qualifying your very long tail keywords. Gives you a number for each keyword / key phrase.

    Detecting Online Commercial Intention: Audience Intelligence: adCenter Labs
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      Think about what is going through your readers heads' when they type in the keyword. Are they thinking about a specific product, or are they just looking for information?

      There are certain indicators that clearly indicate you have a buying keyword. As a previous poster indicated, the number of PPC ads that show in the search results is a great clue to showing whether this is a buying keyword. If someone searches for the "Best (whatever)", this is someone who is likely going to make a purchase soon.

      People searching for a specific product in a niche are definitely in the buying stage of the process.

      The word "free" usually indicates that someone is not willing to spend money on a product. This can work for CPA email submits and other smaller CPA offers, but it won't work for anything where the customer has to spend money.

      I still think the best way to determine if a keyword is a buying keyword is to place yourself in the buyer's shoes. When they search for that keyword, are they still searching for information, or are they about to make a purchase? That is the best way to know whether you have a buying keyword or information keyword.

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