Physical products vs. digital products??

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Which do you prefer to sell?I've been doing Clickbank, and I'm thinking about promoting physical products as well.
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    Depends on which niche you're referring to ? If it's the IM niche I personally prefer promoting digital products. It's a lot quicker, easier and people get instant access to the product/service. If someone is stuck on something within their business and come across a solution that will help they often just want to get the information and get going with it. If they know they have to wait for something to arrive in the post it can be off-putting.

    If it's a product say from Amazon or eBay then I would have a look around the different forums to see what is a "HOT" seller right now. A lot of people nowadays want that product/service rightaway. For instance - the new ipad that's out right now. I know some of my friends have accessed the internet for more information etc. but physically walked into a shop to buy it - rather than have to wait for it to arrive in the post.

    I would say do a split-test on a couple of different products/ideas that you have and see what kind of a response rate you get. Pick a product that is "hot" and that you know people "need" - rather than just "wanting" it.
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      I am a big digital products guy personally, however having said that I am also seeing how amazingly crowded this space has become. Sometimes offering a physical product of some type may be a refreshing change of pace from the zillions of digital download products out there. Another alternative is a hybrid model where you offer a little of both. One component in the offering is digital and one is physical. I saw a marketer very recently that did this very effectively. They offered a physical book, CD and newsletter, but you also got access to a members only digital forum and some online resources with it.

      I also completely agree with the poster above that it probably depends on your niche. I can visualize some niches being physical product people and others only wanting a digital version of something.

      Last thing I will say is if you aren't sure test it. The best friend of any direct marketer is the test
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    I'm moving more towards higher priced physical info products myself. At the end of the day, I just seem to make more money for the amount of time invested.


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    well...I still love selling digital product...low cost-big profit
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    Both, a well rounded business has both and not necessarily even in the same niche though combing the two into one business is a solid bet.

    One of our companies has a digital (lead in) product to weight loss, then we have physical weight loss products on the backend and then again it goes back to digital offering an online continuity for more digital training.

    This is where most of the clickbank guys fail big time, they sell a digital product but have no physical product to market to their customers. Clickbank is a gold mine for direct response marketers who use the network to build the customer list cheaply and effictively.

    If we just sold the front end digital product I referenced, the net rev is about 320k a year, sounds great probably to most internet marketers but adding the physical products brings another 500k+

    To talk about in more realistic terms for the average product owner, maybe you have a clickbank product that does 30k a year, but adding physical products to the marketing funnel could add another 70k or more.

    This formula also works in reverse, physical products can lead into digital just as easily.

    See thousands of dollars in live affiliate marketing media buys each month $1 30 day trial:

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  • The lazy human side of me definitely prefers digital but the profit seeker in me will consider the niche and the venue. For example turning your digital product into a physical product can really open up your customer base.
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  • I prefer digital delivery. I find marketing the product's attributes and ensuring to toss in how "green" the product is due to "digital delivery" to be a great marketing pitch.
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      I personally like digital products because of the ease in promoting them.

      Honestly, I think you should promote both though.

      Example: Weight loss niche

      There are about 3 solid CB products you can market to your list.

      After you market those, what else are you going to sell?

      How about weight loss equipment like treadmills, ab machines, and stuff like that?

      Nothing like varying up your offers as much as you can.
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