5 Years Providing Resale/PLR Products to Members - 10 Things I Look For..

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Hi Warriors!

This is for those of you creating or reselling (through membership or?) resale, mrr, private label products..

I will admit this is a bit self-serving. Not from the sense that I'm selling anything directly in this post, but because I want to use more of 'your' products in my memberships.

I've been providing resale/plr/ and 'personal use' products to my members for almost 5 years. I'm probably in the minority of marketers that do review and care about what he delivers to his members. I review any product I plan to add. I don't just add it based on the title or because I need to add 'something'.

I'm a bit of a speed reader.. or more of a master skimmer. And there are certain things that I look for immediately when looking at an info product, video, tutorial or any other kind of product that I want to give members of my paid memberships.

Here are 10 things that turn me off before I even review the content. Things to keep in mind and maybe try 'not' doing to see what your results are:

  1. I open up your eBook and the first 2 pages have big graphical promos.. I don't care if you brand the document, but please keep it mellow - don't let it overshadow the content.. or over do it. Sig.. small ad.. contextual links throughout the value content. Fine with me.
  2. At the end of your eBook you have pages of promos.. same thing as #1.. not as big a deal, but still a turn off..
  3. No License included - yeah.. we need those.
  4. Just a bunch of articles thrown into a doc to make it look like an eBook.. and it's repetitive content, no logical progression of ideas.. not linear.. I've seen it where the chapters (articles) are repetitive. The same topics rewritten in different ways. At least let me break those up into articles.
  5. Value - should go without saying, but even if content is rehashed or nothing new, that's not a bad thing.. but it should be accurate and valuable.
  6. exe.? Isn't that so 10 years ago?
  7. Obvious spelling errors and/or formatting issues. I know better than anyone how hard it is to be perfect. I have guides I have personally written that are a 100+ pages of pure training and content.. so I wouldn't expect it. You'll have errors. But they shouldn't be in your face or ones that should have been picked up by your word program. And formatting.. that should be easy enough with one skim to straighten out. The doc should be balanced..
  8. Clear instructions for the product that should 'work' to begin with.. and if it's a script or software, an obvious path for support.
  9. Why are you making my members sign up to your list to get something again? I don't mind it if it's purely for support reasons, but..
  10. I don't want my readers to know the resale club source - if I can't delete the clubs branding, I won't use it. (even that sneaky javascript code in templates.. do you really need to do that )..

Couple bonus thoughts...

I don't always need them, but a big bonus is it's brandable - if I am going to send you traffic and build your list, why not give me the ability to at least get some credit as an affiliate?.. yes I got the value content add to my members, but some extra dough is always nice. .. I might even promote it more.

Creating and selling rights to your products can have several purposes including: the up front cash.. but hopefully most importantly it acts as a list builder. So it goes without saying that the more copies you get circulating the better!

I know a lot of membership models or owners don't care.. value or taking the time to review stuff is at the back of the bus. They just want 'something' to deliver and probably don't even open a product up to review it.

But there are some of us that you'd tap that might have bigger lists or might work on getting it more exposure if you followed some of the things I highlighted above. I do care about the value I add to my members.. I have members that have stuck with me through all the years just for that reason.

Lastly.. of course, it's all about testing. I'm just telling it from my model and perspective. Maybe in your face promo's does better even though less of us pick them up. That has to be something you determine through testing... or may already know.

Just think about the above and.. maybe do a few tests with those things in mind and see what happens >> hope to review one of yours soon that I can use.

Hope this post helps.. Good Luck!
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    exe.? Isn't that so 10 years ago?
    So which is the best format, PDF ?
    Mithun on the Web
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