A Hundred Self-Published Articles On BrightHub -- What To Do?

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Hmm, yeah. I have realized they aren't going to make billions, ever - or close to that. But, as I spent all this time writing them I might as well spend a little more time on making them earn. so.. how? Is there some way of social bookmarking that could increase earnings? I made 7bucks from these articles last month, so. And I used stumbleupon, delicious, google bookmarking, digg to bookmark.

I guess what I'm asking is, is there some kind of special strategy I can use to get much more pageviews? It's dating articles btw, so it's pretty strange my max, so far, is 5pvs a day for one of the articles (and that's by using keywords that gave me several thousand of views, per article, on gather.com).
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