A Hundred Self-Published Articles On BrightHub -- What To Do?

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Hmm, yeah. I have realized they aren't going to make billions, ever - or close to that. But, as I spent all this time writing them I might as well spend a little more time on making them earn. so.. how? Is there some way of social bookmarking that could increase earnings? I made 7bucks from these articles last month, so. And I used stumbleupon, delicious, google bookmarking, digg to bookmark.

I guess what I'm asking is, is there some kind of special strategy I can use to get much more pageviews? It's dating articles btw, so it's pretty strange my max, so far, is 5pvs a day for one of the articles (and that's by using keywords that gave me several thousand of views, per article, on gather.com).
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    Try to get some dofollow backlinking to your article. It will your article get a higher SERP in Google
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    Signup for all the accounts in ping.fm and then micro blog about each url. Throw in some other stuff to be under the radar, but you'll get steady traffic from twitter, facebook and the like...maybe a lot.

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    With ping.fm you can social bookmark each article 40ish times at once. Major way to save time....
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    YES. Thank you. Great.
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      I tried the ping.fm stuff and it seemed awesome. or, it might still but the problem is that when you microblog you don't get to write anythiung but the url, so... people have no idea what they are clicking on. hmm.. or can this be made another way? Also, should I ping each url more than once?

      Meghan: Okay, but it's a little too late for that - but thanks for next time
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    Create some backlinks. Also if you can, create some links between your articles if some of them happen to be on the same subject.
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