What would you say was the definitive offline marketing business report?

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Which would you say was the definitive offline business marketing report?

  • Ideally it would include how to approach the customer
  • What to say to them
  • Types of work marketing work you can do for them
  • What to charge
  • How to charge
Thanks very much

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    Hi Gary,

    Here is one WSO that has many impressed, as you can see by the many pages of compliments.


    I purchased this course myself and honestly have never seen such a well written WSO. It offers step by step instructions. Basically everything that you wanted, this course will provide. The cost of the WSO is actually under priced in my opinion. And the support from the owner is nothing short than phenomenal.

    Hope this helps.


    Failure is the path of least persistence. - George M. Van Valkenburg, Jr

    Local Citations & Listings Made EZ!

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      Hi Deanna

      Thanks for the reply and the recommendation.

      I'll check it out.

      Thanks again

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    Hi Gary,

    I would highly recommend 'Offline Gold' by Andrew Cavanagh

    I believe the idea was originally discovered on this forum and the post became so popular that the author created the product. I have it myself and it gives clear, concise details on the subjects you've listed.

    I think you can also get a free download of the original forum thread, which makes a good read before buying the actual product.
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      Hi Gary,

      Me again! I just noticed that Andrew is still a member of this forum. Just look up his full name (Andrew Cavanagh) and he has links to all his products in his signature.
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    At a very basic level...you can begin with:

    who - are you marketing to?
    what - services are you offering?
    where - are you going to begin?
    when - are you going contact your first business owner?
    how - are you going to reach your target audience?

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