Who Are Your Favorite Offline Gurus?

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A lot of gurus seem like hot stuff on the internet. But how would they fare in an offline business? It's harder. Overhead is higher. But believe it or not: there's a heck of a lot more money to be made offline than there is online if you know what you're doing.

I think it takes another level of entrepreneur to succeed in the brick and mortar world.

So the question is: If you could only get one IM guru to help you out in a brick and mortar business, who would you choose?

I personally would choose fellow Warrior J.F. Straw. He puts out some brilliant reports that have made me feel like I actually do know a thing or two about "real business".

If YOU were started a brick and mortar business...who would YOU turn to from the IM world?
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    Martha Stewart

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    Hey, she has a website! AND she's on youtube. That's totally IMing.

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    David Frey, offline/online...
    Talk about one of the most expensive membership sites online and the Quality of information & endless ideas that David shares in multiple formats...

    His tips, videos and ideas are awesome... Love his Free business model...
    Free Small Business Marketing Ideas, Articles, Videos, and Tutorials

    Another great network to follow...
    The World's Most Practical Small Business Marketing Expert | John Jantsch

    As they say one's never enough!

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    I like Dan Kennedy he is both off and online so I dont know if he really qualifies, but that's my choice.

    Grow Your IM Business NOW with these 8 Free Gifts ==>Give Me My Reports Now!!

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    Jay Abraham... he's a bloody genius! Read his old stuff if you can find it. He's been around the big 'Launch' events lately but most of his work is in print or audio. Worth your while!
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    Also, for conventional Direct Response Marketing, if you haven't read Gary Halbert stuff you're in for a treat.
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    There aren't too many...
    Mike Merz
    Michael Corcoran
    Louis Allport

    I think it would have to be Joe Sugarman.
    He only does a little online marketing now because in the past he made so much money offline he doesn't need any more!

    After all; he sold 150 Million pairs of Blue Blocker Sunglasses on the FIRST DAY of his infomercial! Yes, 150 MILLION!

    8 mansions on Hawaii, a couple of mega yachts a private jet and a girlfriend who smokes playboy bunnies AWAY.

    He's the "MAN" when it comes to marketing...
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      Jay Abraham, hands down.

      First got introduced to him a few years ago from a Tony Robbins power talk interview. He blew my mind. And that was just a little 2 hour interview...his seminars and books are awesome. It takes years to truely understand his material.

      I would seperate him from 99% of others and gurus out there in that...

      -Most authors have no secondary market (or a weak one). 20 year old tapes from Jay still sell for $100-300.

      -Many others or gurus ride a concept. Jay gives you the deeper, more profound answer.

      -He gives you a mindset that trumps standard "concepts".

      Most powerful stuff I've ever listened to.
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