Solving Multiple Email Account Hassles

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You can use just ONE Gmail account, but use it as if it were multiple accounts, by using a decimal (.) between the letters of the username.

For example, if you open multiple Twitter accounts, you need a separate email address for each one.

If you email address is you can use the following as if they were multiple accounts, and they will all feed into the same Inbox:

And so on
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    That is an outstanding tip that I have never heard about. I am going to test this right now.

    EDIT: It worked like a charm! Great post, Terry!

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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      Even better with adding the decimal (which I didn't know until this forum!) is that you can double it by switching from to

      Also I just saw in another thread that you can ALSO put "+1" or any number (without quotes) to your emails - but they will still go to the "real"/"main" email account.

      So: using your example: goofyguru+1 @ gmail or googlemail . com I'm ASSuming you can mix in the decimals as well with the + sign and number to get even more "different" emails for all your signups - without having to create new email accounts.

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