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From what I have read, it seems that if you want to do a 301 redirect to a new domain, a lot of the SEO you have done passes to the domain, but not all of it.

Here is my situation:

(I am using example products and websites)

I have a website that sells lamp shades.

The website is called:

It ranks #1 for lamp shades.

Now, I have a NEW website called: , that sells lamps, lightbulbs, etc.

If I 301 redirect the old website ( ) to: how much SEO will actually pass?

Also, will my new website even closely rank for #1 at all for lamp shades since it's a new domain even though there is a 301 redirect?

Any thoughts, considerations, or advice would be wonderful.

And the reason for doing this is: Branding the domain rather than having a keyword domain.

**Note: The situation was an EXAMPLE, thank you.
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    You'll be trading an aged keyword rich domain name
    for one that has zero keyword value and little to no
    age value.

    I'd say you stand to risk quite a bit of Google Juice
    if you move forward with the redirect.

    You ROCK!,
    Justin Brooke

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