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I am quickly finding out that one of the best ways to build readership and subscribers to a blog is by having a contest.

My blog is 15 days old and already I have 48 RSS subscribers.

This is especially useful if you are flipping sites. Blog with subscribers can be worth a lot more.

Anyway, if you like to win $100 visit my contest (all you have to do is subscribe via RSS).

I'm thinking of having 'StumbleMe' contest next. Should be money well spent.

How do you increase your subscriptions?
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    Sounds like a great strategy. It sounds especially helpful for flipping websites!

    I helped a client do an SEO contest once and for the contest winnings they got HUGE boosts to their SEO so it was money well spent.

    Dana Prince - The SEO Writer~ Helping You Optimize Your Online Business

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    The problem with having the contest the way you set it up (just subscribe and you get a chance to win money) is that you'll end up with many nontargeted subscribers. This is especially true if the contest ends up on a "contest forum" -- suddenly you'll be inundated with contestants, yes... but nontargeted.

    If you're going to have a contest, a far better idea is to offer prizes directly related to your niche. For example: If you have a dog training site, then offer dog training ebooks as prizes.

    Another idea is to create a contest where the contest activity is only of interest to people in that niche. So instead of having people just subscribe and post to win, you have them do something directly related to your niche.

    Ideally, a good contest should incorporate both these ideas: The prize should be a niche prize, and the contest should include activities only of interest to a narrow target market.

    Anyone can build a big list. The trick is to build a RESPONSIVE list that makes money.

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    I hope you've taken into account all of the legalities of running a contest. It's not just as simple as saying "sign up and win money".
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      Contests are great! I just ran one on a new blog - for a free press release and PR campaign - and I got a really nice response! I got some subscribers that are in my target audience, too, because I was offering something that related to that niche.

      I will be running another contest soon.
      "Fate protects fools, little children, and ships called Enterprise." ~Commander Riker
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    Contests are a great thing to do! It can end up with getting some nice backlinks as well!
    Have a nice day!
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    To avoid running into legal trouble, before setting up an online contest, read this:

    GigaLaw.com: How to Create Win-Win Sweepstakes on the Internet, Legally

    I had to link the Wayback Machine because I can no longer find this article on Gigalaw.
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    R Hagel - great point on non-targeted subscribers. I think that it does depend on your niche and goals.

    In my case - I'm looking for bloggers (especially beginners) who are thinking about monetizing their blog.

    Any blog will do. For others, this may not be an option - you are right.

    faxinator - Thanks for the link. Never even thought of the legality of running a contest. Great information
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    Hagel is very correct. Contest to win $1000 will only attract people who wants $1000. When they get it they would not come again.

    If they don't they still not.

    Be careful with contest.

    Thank you.
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