A new outsourcing service "autocomment stupidity"

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Seriously guys the last month I had in my blog at least a hundred of these kind of comments in the spam folder.

I don't know if is the new trend or is there some new "cool software" that do this but come on!

I can relate with blog comments for backlinks because I've been doing it myself, and I take the time to read all the post and then write a comment related to the post and hopefully providing some good feedback, That's the way you have to earn your backlink!

Now those lazy ass people that pay others to make blog comments or rely on some fancy software to do that I don't know if they know what they are doing. Some of their comments are bordering stupidity and in any case related with the topic, they don't even take the time to change the keywords!

Here is some examples of comments posted on one of my blogs about game consoles.

In a post related to a new game released I saw this comment from some john doe:
"You’ve surely always been extremely active fabulous right up this unique fantastic blog, Task of sticking quite exciting which usually read. Can’t just a second to determine what we should discuss in the next last seven days. Brand new for the massive investigate, on the other hand Exactly where seriously tender which site, and then hopefulness any of this, too as the excellent evaluations another sort of individuals have written, is likely to help home owners choose bankruptcy lawyer las vegas it’s the very correct option to suit your needs. Could be the finestelement."

In other post revewing a new gadget for wii I saw this post from another user (different website):
"ou’ve surely become particularly amused helpful hints off this method amazing blog, Had been quite exciting which in turn examine. Cannot remain to determine must go for in the up coming time. Sorry for the large evaluation, merely I am thoroughly seriously close your site, and even trust these insights, as well since the superb evaluations many people have written, must assist one choose in cases where it’s might be appropriate choice to suit your needs. Is the very beststep."

And in other post where I put a video with a game trailer there is this comment from another url...

"You have certainly happen to be extremely energetic you can make through it superb weblog, Obtained been tremendously interesting to make sure they go through. Can’t wait alittle to see accept the anxiety select within the next helpless. Distressing for your massive study, still Completely actually enjoying specific site, and make sure to believe i am able this process, too as the fantastic evaluations several other folks have written, most certainly assist buyers determine if it turns out it is can be correct choice to suit your needs. Could be the most effectiveitem."

They are all in the trash folder now and their IP's banned, but seriously guys how can any pay for that? they've been rip off!
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    My suggestion would be that anyone paying for an outsource service to comment on blogs require a list of URLs to the blogs where comments were left - then go check and see if:

    a. The comment was approved or otherwise made it to the blog page.
    b. The comment exhibited some modicum of intelligence.
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