Flippa Is Making Me $2788.33 P/Month With Only $35 Once Investment

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Hi guys celente here. I am what I call a notorious piggy backer. i.e. I just find what is doing well or selling like hot cakes and sell something better. In the early days I use to try and sell stuff that I thought would sell, but I got it all wrong and lost lots of money.

But recently and with lots of testing, I found out a strategy that works using flippa (the site people buy and sell websites from) I thought why bother buying one, why not just have a look at the sorts of sites doing well and come up with my own idea??

Well little did I know that I was really onto something!!!! BIG TIME. Infact at last glance my new site that has been running for 5 and a half months is up to nearly $2800 a month, and i dont really have to do much at all. Just an update every few days.

To cut a long story short here is what I did :-

1) spent about 1 hour at flippa and found sites doing well, lots of revenue but in the same niche. I made sure I found about 4-5 sites doing particular well and in the featured site sections...u can even find sites that have already been sold also using the advanced seach.

2) Looked at the sites, studied them, signed up, and worked out their product/s and their sales funnel. The best one I found was FREEBIE<> SPECIAL RATE<> PURCHASE<> BACKEND<> BACKEND<> MEMBERSHIP. I use the same strategy and it works like a champ.

3) I created first a service (which I outsource) then a membership site. I set this up and got everything put it all together using dreamweaver and speacialized other blog tools. Set up a free trial (7 days) and let loose with the traffic. I remember I already had 20-30 articles I had purches from a marketing friend, so I re-wrote them and put them up on EZA, goarticles and other main article directories.

4) It took a while for the traffic to come, but I am getting about 25-30 on the list each day and people joining. When they hit the membership site that is where I am making more money. After their 7 day trial expires they have to pay. Some quit, but there is about a 60% stick rate, maybe a bit lower. I have about 96 people each paying me $29 per month. They are getting some good stuff I feel....and that is how I am making the $2700 or so a month. Its a good gig and only took a few days to set up.

Heck you even outsource some of this, webdesign..articles, etc and get cracking. The key here to to get off your butt and find what is selling and sell it yourself. IT really proves the theory. I guess i just wanted to test and prove it to myself yet another time LOL.

Hope this helps. Now time for both me and u to stop reading this addictive forum and go and do some work LOL


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    Thanks for posting your strategy with us. This is definitely something to get into in the future when I finish with my other ventures.
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    Flippa is as you pointed out a great place to check out what is and is not selling in terms of niche related sites.

    I think Jason Moffatt actually made a video where he went to Flippa and showed how he was finding niches to exploit based on site sthta were getting lots of attention (bids) and selling.

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    Interesting stragety. Glad to hear it's working for you. Sounds like a very good ROI and sustainable income. Have to give it a try when I'm done with some other stuff. I have a bad tendency to take on too many task and end up finishing nothing.

    Thanks very much for sharing
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      Good start - with my third eye I see you making 10 times more of what you are making today in less than a year from now.

      I wish I would stop being lazy and being proud about being lazy !!

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        Originally Posted by FredJones View Post

        Good start - with my third eye I see you making 10 times more of what you are making today in less than a year from now.

        I wish I would stop being lazy and being proud about being lazy !!
        wow how cool. Well I just want to help people out....no matter what.

        I have found dont focus on the money, focus on people and help them out. You do that, and keep a good heart the money comes naturally.
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    Hey celente! Nice tips. I've done this myself - flippa is a great place for ideas.

    I think the key is to be smart and flexible. If someone is going to try and recreate what you did, they shouldn't try your exact blueprint. Every site and niche is different. Just put your marketing hat on and think through the best solution!
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    You are right buddy. This is truly the key to success -

    Analyze whats selling - Replicate it and sell it yourself - Make easy $$$$

    Then, if you wish to expand - OUTSOURCE - That's the mantra to success.

    But.. You are right, for that we must stop being lazy and ACT NOW !

    Remember friends, success is yours if you work for it.

    P.S. - Which reminds me , I have to stop reading the forum and get back to work ! gee.. !
    Adventure travel blogger & outreach expert - WanderWithJo.com
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    thank u for kindly sharing this case study
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    this is great thank you for sharing. I have used flipa before flipping brand new websites, made allright money, but this seems even better, thankx again bro
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      thanks for sharing this information.

      yap.. Flippa is a great place to find what niche is doing well. currently i am doing some project for only selling those site to flippa.
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    It seems to be a really good!

    However, how did you get enough traffic to make all this money? I would go with PPC, since this what I'm using now to promote CPA offers. However, it seems that you are using only free traffic. Can you give more details on how you generated a good amount of traffic in such a low period of time?

    Thank you for sharing your strategy!

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    Cool strategy.

    Can you share an example of the sales funnel that you found on CB?

    I would like to learn more about the sales funnel.

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    Yep - it is a great strategy. I spend loads of time on Flippa researching but the key is then to put it into practice, which you've done.

    Do you then go on to flip your profitable sites? That would really be rounding out the success circle...
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    Thanks for sharing your tips Celente. In fact I also found lots of inspiration from the successful sites selling in Flippa and made lot of dough copying their strategies.
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    Good work Celente! You could make money if after you launch a product, you make sales, traffic come to your site, after that you can sell it on flippa, and you can make some thousands of dollars!
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    awesome strategy! gonna try this.
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    Celente, I agreed with you.

    Important is to take action to execute strategies.

    Many strategies work.

    However, the sad truth is that most people simply sit there & take NO action.

    Best Regards,
    Kishore M

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    I once had a horse tip membership site that made me $160 per week.
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    There's some good thinking outside the box here!
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    I just ran across Flippa in the last couple of weeks. I actually put in bids on a few sites for $1.00 and won them. Of course the sellers have not returned my messages about the sale.

    Well anyways, when I was on there I thought I had this great idea of how to use the site to find hot niches. Looks like everyone and their brother had the same idea
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    Flippa is a place to make some quick cash if you are good at site design and traffic it seems.
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    just spend the last half day researching and looking at the sites on flippa.

    i'd say that 97% of these sites are nothing but recycled spam sites and i don't know why people would pay for such useless domains as hxxp://thekingofpop-michaeljackson.com/ sold for $995?? seriously?
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    Wow, this sounds like a really awesome strategy. I actually never considered using flippa for niche research but it makes alot of sense.

    Congratulations on your success :}
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    I've been doing something similar to find niches, but you have taken it to the next level and it looks like you are seeing great results. Congrats!
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    Flippa is, or will be, to IM what Ebay is to retail...

    Your idea is "Muy Cliente" and goes to show how thinking out of the box really works...loking too improve on a niche that is already working is a great key to success.
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      This is a good technique to reverse engineer a site, and try and flip it.
      However, I have seen some sites on flippa which sell way over the odds, consistently. No income, just turnkey. I dont know how the sellers do it, unless hyping it to a list.

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    You could make money if after you launch a product,generate some traffic and sell the web on flippa! Great!
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    celente thank you for post
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