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When I go my c-panel in Hostgator to look at "Connect to Site From" and look at Yahoo Explorer, the backlinks listed are not the all the same. Each place shows different ones showing up.

I guess I should just go with whichever shows the most (Yahoo) and not worry about Hostgator?

Are the other analytics in Hostgator reliable?

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    In general, people typically feel yahoo! site explorer tends to reflect your backlinks the best.

    But, no tool will really show all your backlinks.

    I keep track of my links manually.

    When I am looking at competition's backlinks on yahoo! site explorer, I typically aim to beat their links by 2 times.

    For example, if the top spot on google for my keyword has 200 links showing on yahoo! site explorer, I look to do at least 400 links similar to theirs.

    Hope this answered your question.
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      google webmasters tool can help but no matter which website I use, the numbers are always different...
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