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I finally decided to go ahead get hosting for my sites. I was debating whether or not to just get a domain and use free hosting but I want to get a grip on hosting and also use for the seo benefits. I have yet to decide which hosting to go with. I would like something that will allow me to host unlimited domains. Since I am new at all this, is there anything I should know before I go through setting up hosting and installing wordpress?
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    Take a look at Hostgator, they have a cheap package where you can host unlimited domains, and you can install Wordpress easily through their control panel.


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    With free hosting you might be lucky but, in general, you will get what you pay for.

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    With free hosting - sometimes you have to pay for a copy of the database. So lets say in 6 months you decided that you wanted to go ahead and host your own sites, you might have to pay the host to backup the database and make it available to you.

    If your thinking about hosting your own sites, go ahead and take the leap - your bound to do it sooner or later.
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    Hostgator is a great choice as you can host unlimited domains and their Wordpress install is quick and easy. They also offer top notch support and keep their software up to date.

    Since you will be using Wordpress, I would avoid hosts like Godaddy and Yahoo as you will run into additional problems and headaches.

    Greg Schueler - Wordpress Fanatic... Living The Offline Marketing Dream...

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    Anyone have experience with HostRocket? Thanks.
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    Avoid free hosting if you can - there are too many limitations. Try Bluehost or Hostgator - both allow unlimited domains and are reasonably priced.

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    HostGator is a good choice but there are other good providers with cheaper plans.
    Here's a list of web hosts listed by price:
    Cheap web hosting plans - Web Hosting Diary

    All of these offer easy wordpress installation through their control panel.

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    Another vote here for HostGator.

    I highly recommend them as their support is 24 hr and they are very quick to respond on their chat support for any issues or help.
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    I love hostgator.

    Being able to talk with a Texan when you need help rocks.

    Nuff said.
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      There are a number of very good hosting providers available. There are also many hosting solutions available from each provider.

      I use a number of hosts, but if you are just starting out, I would suggest seriously looking at one of the basic Hostgator packages. Make sure that you select one which allows additional (preferably 'unlimited') add on domains.

      Just my thoughts and good luck with your choice.

      Jeff Henshaw.
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        I use hostgator personally and have had no problems with them, they're support online is awesome other than that the other hosting provider I would recommend would be knownhost.
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        There are plenty of really good web hosting companies available with great rates. The first choice people mention is Host Gator. However, Host Monster is another great alternative. I know some guys who use them and they beat Host Gator with a $3.95/month plan. Free domain for life, unlimited subdomains, etc. I personally don't use either one but use an entirely eco-friendly (green) web hosting provider at
        They match Host Gator's pricing and their support is top notch but it's all in what you want out of a web hosting company. They pretty much all provide you the easy installation of Wordpress.
        If anything, the others here are right, stay away from the free hosting providers.

        Good luck man!

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    It is my experience that Hostgator is the best place to start.

    Reasonable prices and very friendly with 24/7 tech support.

    Hope that helps ... Ron
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    Own hosting + own domain is the way to go mate! Good choice

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    - Nomar

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      Ok, so I am leaning towards hostgator.

      With unlimited domains, it is not just subdomains right?

      Also how much roughly am I looking at each month for it. I just want the baby package, the one with unlimited domains.

      There was something about shared hosting etc. What is this if you don't mind me asking? Is it more expensive?

      One last thing, is there any tutorial on how to setup hosting and wordpress with namecheap. Sorry, I'm lost when it comes to this. Just don't want to mess up.
      Marketer In Training
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    If you use the Hostgator $5/month plan, you only get 1 domain hosted.
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    One last thing, is there any tutorial on how to setup hosting and wordpress with namecheap. Sorry, I'm lost when it comes to this. Just don't want to mess up.
    When you get your hosting with HG they'll give you details of your nameservers


    You'll need to add those in your Namecheap account.

    When setting up WordPress it'd probably be easiest to use Fantastico which will be in your Hostgator cPanel.

    Fantastico will install WordPress for you so you don't have to worry about databases and config files etc.
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    Hostgator isn't expensive and it's a great hosting company. I've never had any problems with them and any question I had they helped me with, which is a big plus when you are starting out and know nothing about hosting a site.

    Taking it one day at a time!
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