How to Invest $500 in IM?

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Hi Fellow Warriors,

Internet marketing is something I have a lot of interest in, but I have never invested a lot of money into it. I just wanted to learn from some experienced members the best ways to invest 500-1000 dollars in IM.

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  • At the moment, don't spend anything. Do a bunch of reading (this forum is one place), digitalpoint, sitepoint, etc are other places.

    Figure out something that interests you and that you could realistically see yourself doing 5-8 hours/day (starting). Then, find materials that will help you achieve that goal (the only time you should be paying for anything).

    In terms of essentials -- pretty much nowadays you will need a domain name & monthly service, which for decent services works out to about $10-$15/month.

    So. I'd say $500 should be reserved for your first year's hosting, domain registration, internet connection, and anything left over should be invested in books/materials to help you achieve your goals.

    - J
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      Hey virklink,

      I also agree with InternetSuccess001 that you should not invest any money. Read about affiliate marketing and CPA which FREE methods can be used to generate revenue without the need of a paid website.

      You can use free resources such as blogger, weebly etc and once you have generated enough to invest, you can then buy .com domains, hosting etc.

      Hope this helped you out a bit.

      Mark I.
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    Thanks for the advice
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    It really depends on your experience level as to where to invest the money, since you seem to be very new I would say hold on to your cash and just try to learn from all the valuable free information basics you will get from here and all over the internet.

    And once you learn the basics then you will be more ready to invest that money into outsourcing some work or learning some advanced techniques that you may not find free without trial and error on your part or lots of research.

    At least that is what I personally would do and tell any one of my family or friends to do. You can learn how to doi most everythinf free if you just take your time and are willing to learn and work at it.

    Anyway check out the 30 Day Challenge it is one of the better free 30 training programs out there and it has helped many make there first dollar online at IM.

    The Challenge

    that is the free signup

    anyway good luck to you and hope this helps you out


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    Thanks for the advice
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    Can you guys recommended an useful books on the subject?
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    I would say the best thing to do is get familiar with the basic terms of internet marketing and I would say based on my experience that one of the best investments you can make is getting into an one on one coaching program with a well respected marketer with some kind of guarantee of earnings. You can find some great offers in the wso section, I would suggest that you do some research and don't just go with the first one that you see. All the best.
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    I could suggest you spending money on anything -- Get yourself a
    "War Room Membership" its the best thing you could do ...

    This will give you access to tons of knowledge - otherwise as the others suggest dont spend your seed money on junk products ... Take your time to learn and then impliment a plan

    I only recently started seeing results in my IM business, due to exactly what we are suggesting you avoid ... I have over 245 domains and was trying to get them all sorted and ended up wasting money, time and sleep ...

    Take your time, learn lots, and then make your descision into business ...
    watch this space ...
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  • Don't spend a dime man. Buying a book will not make you successful in this game. Instead, read through this forum and start taking baby steps in your own websites.
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    nope...dont spend
    IM is not a place where you have the money to invest and expect lots more money in your bank the next day.
    This is a place where people think and twist method.

    you gotta learn all the free traffic and see what works for you.
    Try to make money without spending a dime first..then use your money to ramp it up (if possible)
    PM Me For Your PPC AdWords Help
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    I would buy a new video camera that films in high definition (HD).

    I have a camera that films in wide screen but not HD. When I want to do an HD quality video, I have to borrow my wifes camera.
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    I wouldn't spend a penny, other than the $37 to join the War Room. You need a plan or direction before investing in an info product and you need an idea of the reputation of people and products before spending. There's simply too much stuff available that won't do you much good until you have a clear idea of what direction you would like to go in, and there's enough free info on this forum .... you're going to have to do a lot of reading and participating. That's called "the entry fee."
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    Thanks everyone.
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    domain/ hosting for 10/month

    read and get all the information on any subject for free here

    do not buy ebooks, products websites. learn everything you can here and over the web.

    dont buy any wso or any clickbank stuff

    only real tool you need is evo II and you are set. use it to get your site to the first page of google and everything else will fall into place.
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    Stay away from guru products...
    --->Your Website Needs THIS <---
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