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Any suggestions on a good payment processor? I'm not looking for an actual merchant account at this time, but will do so later. Not right now though.

I'd like one with an ATM card though, so after a payment, I can instantly pull the funds out of an ATM. I don't want someone like 2CheckOut, where it's a 4 - 6 week waiting period, they hold a chargeback reserve, etc.

I have an ATM card with already, which is exactly what I'm looking for, except mainstream. ePass is generally for adult orientated work. Anyone know any any processors like that, other than PayPal? After all the horror stories, I don't particularly feel comfortable using PayPal again. Or am I stuck getting an actual merchant account again?

Thanks in advance!
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    Try Payoneer. Anybody can load your card online and you get the money in your card in 3-4 days. You can also connect the Payoneer card with 2CO, so the money received via 2CO can go directly to your card.

    To get a Payoneer card easily, become an affiiate of sites such as Friendfrinder which have Payoneer as one of the payment options, and apply through these agencies.
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    Google Checkout.

    I dont know why this is not used more often.

    There charges are also less than Paypal.
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    there are few payment processor that is being use by sellers and buyers...and those you mentioned are the biggy at may find a small ones but your buyer might turn off...due to security issue.
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    I saw that Paypal have the best conversion rate, so to not lose money , I think you can offer Paypal, and a merchant account like
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  • Most companies have a holding period, simply because there are a lot of people that do 'fake' sales and then try and cash a cheque. But yes, you should probably find an altnerative to PayPal. You might try something like,, etc, etc. They allow you to accept paypal payments, without actually having the ridiculous paypal restrictions.

    - J
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    If you don't like 2co, I prefer to use as a payment processor. They provide a payoneer debit card. So you get all facilities.

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