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Hey all,

I have been working hard on a new shop of mine and without giving to much away before its launch I need some help from you guys!

So these are examples and not my actual shop name or keywords.

Just say my shop is at the domain RickysComputers . com

Now that is going to be hard to get ranked in google quickly for the keywords buy computers etc.

So just say I also have the domains buycomputers . com and buycomputersonline. com

With these domains what would you do? Redirect them? or this is what I was thinking of doing.

Filling them with good content about computers buying computers etc and just advertise my website Rickyscomputers. com.
I want to build up a brand so I think having the shop on these domains is not an option.

So the options again are:-

1) Use the keyword domains as redirects
2) Use the keyword domains as websites filled with content and ranked in google and drive traffic to my main brand website.

If there are any other options please let me know

All help is greatly appreciated.


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    I would set them up as blogs with their own capture pages, and link those sites back to your primary site - using keyword rich anchor text that is used in the names of the domains.

    Just using them as forwarders won't really give you as much umph as if the sites are content rich with links and keywords pointing to your primary domain.

    This way your primary site becomes the authority site. You also will have full control over the backlinks on this second level of domains.

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    Yeah I agree I think that is the best way to go.


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