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Has anyone used hirefilipino.com or similar.

I use scriptlance, elance for years and they are ok, but I think I need someone for just 1hour a day to get lots of research, data entry or maybe light php done.

Anyone have ideas where to start?


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    Try FiveRR. Fiverr ? The place for people to share things they?re willing to do for $5

    You can find someone to do tasks for you for $5.
    But the thing is, the quality is surprisingly...not bad.

    Look for a virtual assistant and try the service.
    If he/she works out, hire on a regular basis.
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    I use Rentacoder, now called vworker. Have used them for years and years and they are amazing!
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    Hands down... RentACoder.com (vworker now). It's clunky, but the quality and cost is bar none the best.
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    Ok, I have heard a lot of noide lately about the philipines and wondered if there was a site for that.

    So rentacoder is better for a long term assistant or staff than all that noise about going direct to the philipines?


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    I think RAC is best for low-cost programmers, people you want to do tedious jobs like SEO, and super cheap writers (not always the absolute best content though... it's still decent if you shop around).
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    I have not used the one you mentioned but always did well with "Get a freelancer."
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    Those are all freelancer sites. Why not try an outsourcing provider/company.
    I think this is far more better than hiring a freelancer. They have unique advantages compare to a person working from home.
    Staff Leasing
    We Lease Offshore Employees

    Hire inexpensive labor from the Philippines!
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      Try bestjobs.ph great resource for VA's, sign up as an employer and then use "resume Search" to see who is available.

      This part is free but you have to subscribe for in depth details and contact info but the free search will give you an idea of whoa and what is available.

      Hope this helps,

      The Viking
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    Yup - OnlineJobs.ph and Bestjobs.ph are both good, however it's not simple to get access to either unless you 1) pay; 2) have a membership at ReplaceMyself.com

    I use ReplaceMyself and I do pretty much all my hiring at OnlineJobs.ph right now. I even used it to hire a freelancer despite its main purpose being for hiring employees to work for you on an ongoing basis.

    I blog about this stuff also (see signature)
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    OnlineJobs.ph is where I do all of my hiring, too.

    There's another 'good' one that I found: EasyOutsource.com. I got someone for a one-off job from there and the experience was pretty good.

    oDesk is pretty amazing, too!
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    What about this forum. Look at the 'Warriors for Hire Section"
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      Originally Posted by ngash View Post

      What about this forum. Look at the 'Warriors for Hire Section"

      Yes, I agree. My company hooks up with many Warriors there, as well, to help with our own projects. No messy escrow accounts, bidding, people bailing on bids and projects, third parties, etc. in the mix.

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        I like oDesk.com.

        $10 sign-up fee is refunded.
        Good feedback system.
        I have done a few one-off projects there.
        I currently have a part-time VA via oDesk.

        Contact me if I can help.



        Follow Me on Twitter: @daVinciJoe
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    so I looked at onlinejobs.ph and bestjobs.ph onlinejobs looks more active and also looks like it has higher salaries listed - jus noticing.

    1 - has anyone used the "done for you" service?

    2 - What is the COST to use these services if you are NOT part of replacemyself.com

    3 - Is replacemyself really worth it?

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    I've always like rentacoder/vworker the best. I've tried all the others mentioned, and didn't have the same results. I got a couple of good writers at guru.com in the past, but haven't used them lately.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    What I have been doing for soo long is talking to my team. If they have friends and family. I find this gets better quality people (assuming your teams good quality) and cheaper (talk to them Peso).

    Now you are not competing with the rest of the world for that person (so its cheaper) and higher quality and more loyal.
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