Do I need a blog/hubpages as a landing page for article marketing if I already have my own website?

by neil_k
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Hi all, I'm about to get into article marketing and I have a question.

I've read that you need to have either a or account as a 'landing page' to promote affiliate links because Ezine Articles doesn't let you add affiliate links in your articles.

But my question is, do I really need a blog/hubpages account? I promote affiliate links via a tuition website for my niche. Basically I put all the tuition products for my niche on one site, like a store/central place where people can go to buy products they need. They are affiliate links of course, and there are info and reviews of the products. I have a keyword-targeted domain too so it could be a potentially good earner.

Why would I need to have a blog/hupages account then? Couldn't I just direct people from my Ezine Articles site to my website? Then people can 1) Sign up to my list via my site, and 2) Buy products via my site.

Or is there something I missed about having a blogger/hubpages account?
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    Yes, you can just use your website as your landing page. People who use blogger and hubpages for landing pages tend to be those that haven't yet made the leap into building their own site yet, or are just testing a niche out before building a site for it.
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    I've got the same question, because I have the same issue
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    This is really important to have your blog. What this allow you to do, you can post your articles on your blog this way your clients or anything that you have can better know you. You can post also things about you. Anything you want this is your personal space.


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    You can use hubpages initially as the starting point for article marketing, but the power of the links is no where near as good as getting links from places like ezinearticles and goarticles, and then using several of the link building networks out there (linkvana, backlinks ninja, seolinkvine, articleranks, myarticlenetwork, senuke, syndicate kahuna, and more...)
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      If you already have your own website, use that. Especially if it's already got good keywords in the url to go along with your articles. Then you have total control over the advertising, page leaks, filtering, etc.

      Advice telling people to use blogger, hubpages, or similar services is usually targeted at the people who are just starting to get into marketing and don't want to invest any money up-front. (Or who don't *have* any money to invest.) It's not that the advice is wrong, it's just that you're a step ahead of the target "total new beginner" stage for whom that advice is written.
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    Use your own website as your landing page if you have one that is related to the articles you are writing. Most people who use hubs, lenses, etc. don't have a website within that specific market.
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    Yes, I'll also chime in, as many others have suggested, if you have your own website, that's GREAT. By linking to it, you are getting the "link juice" rather than sending it over to hubpages.

    It is still good to use places like blogger, hubpages, etc., because it is yet another place to get links and exposure from, but having them all pull back to your site is a great overall and longterm strategy.

    Good luck!


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