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by dem0x7
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Just wondering if any of you guys have tried this. On your sales page, have you ever had one of those live chat options, if someone on your site had a question before buying or something. I figured it wouldn't hurt since I would be by the computer a lot, and I could leave it up and running and it would send a sound when someone was trying to chat.

What about adding the option to order by phone, if someone isn't comfortable ordering online?
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    I was selling medical devices to seniors online. By adding a toll free number, my sales increased by 50%. The problem was that you need someone to man that line constantly, or at least during business hours.

    One way around that is to have an automated ordering system. Many of teh infomercials that you see on TV use this method. One of the most popular services for this is IVR and Call Center Solutions by

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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      Live chat can be very powerful but it really should be set up so that the "Chat" button only shows up when someone is available to chat.

      If someone sees a live chat feature and it says "Offline" or something similar, they may send an email with their questions or just as likely they just go away intending to come back later - which may or may not happen.

      With it not showing at all when not available, they are much more likely to send an email - which is good as it gives you a chance to answer their question and invite them back to your site.

      Oh - and I can guarantee that having a phone option - as long as it is manned reasonable hours - will result in more sales. There are a few reasons.

      The first is like you mentioned - it helps when folks are skittish ordering on the internet.

      The second it that if you are a skilled salesperson and have the breath of product offerings to do it, you have a great chance to upsell the original order into a much bigger order.

      And I want to point out that many folks who are quite comfortable ordering via the internet will choose to pick up the phone to place an order - usually because they have a lingering question that wouldn't stop them from ordering but is one they would really like to get answered before ordering.
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    Thanks so much! I agree that I would only have the Live Chat option running when I am online.

    The automated ordering system sounds interesting, but not sure what that would be like. How would they enter their address?

    Maybe I can take calls during business hours, then in the late hours I could switch to the automated service?
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    Yes, you can make this! Also, the ordering by phone is a very good idea, because some people's don't want to share their credit card info, so you might increase the sales with this! You can put also, to pay with SMS! Are many services on the internet offering this.You can try with daopay, I have seen that they have good stuff, and for free!
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