So I'm Doing A 1 Hour Presentation To A High Profile Melbourne Marketing Agency About IM &....

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I would love your thoughts on how I can make it even more kick ass and blow them away!

A bit of background on them:
- They're social media experts so I don't need to teach them that.
- They work with big national companies - some even advertising during prime time TV.
- I've been interning here for about 2-3 months and am close to either getting a good job here or a JV partnership.

Here's the presentation outline I've made so far, would love to get your thoughts on what else to include/eliminate?

Difference between visitor vs. conversion - Awareness means nothing anymore.
Internet marketing is all about generating conversions.
1. SEM - Google, Yahoo, Bing
SEO (free traffic)
- On page SEO
- Off page SEO
PPC (paid traffic)
- Google AdWords
- Search network (warm prospects - people looking for you!) vs. Content network (interruption marketing - cold prospects)
- Explain: Clicks, impressions, CTR, CPC, conversion rate, cost-per-conversion
- Quality score determines keyword CPC - keyword grouping, ad CTR, landing page quality
- Avg. CTR and CPC
- Techniques to improve CTR and decrease CPC


- Affiliates get a good deal - all they do is refer someone. Publishers get a good deal - they receive a sale they would've probably missed out on.
- Build a virtual sales force that works 24/7 for free!
- Pay only for performance - impossible to lose
- Commission rates vary across industries
- Affiliates can use any number of channels available to them. Eg. Free advertising, paid advertising, viral marketing, social media, email marketing, offline promotion
- Affiliates accept all the risk when promoting your product/service.
- Risk to client: They generate traffic through spam, or they advertise in places you don't want your brand associated on. Eg. Pornhub

CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION - the secret to getting twice the conversions from half the traffic is split testing. Eg. US vs. JAPAN car companies in the 1970's

- "You can't improve what you don't measure"
- Have a direct response website with a clear primary call to action.
- Always split test elements of the website and sales process
- Cheaper to invest in split testing than getting more traffic
- Don't waste traffic by having a poorly converting website
- Explain sales funnels - squeeze page > sell > upsell > backend
- Autoresponders - takes an average of 7 views of a site until someone makes a purchase
- It's ok to break even and even lose money on the front end product because the money is in the backend.

1. Promotions for a new product/re-launch/re-awaken sales during a down turn

- Product launch technique - give (moving the freeline), give, give, LAUNCH, scarcity (limited quantity, price will go up, first mover bonuses)

2. Joint venture deals

- Email blast to a big list eg. High profile blogger, magazine, niche websites, competitor websites,

3. Build an email list of subscribers - no.1 ASSET

- Improve relationship with your subscribers
- Show the maths of sending a promo email to a loyal subscriber base
- Why it's more effective than Facebook groups
1. Higher response rate
2. More measurable - good for clients
- Top ways to kill your email marketing and get high unsubscribe rates!



Thanks in advance!
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    I see you points, and I think they are well organized. I'm not sure if ending with email would be the best approach when there are potentially more topics that would make for a memorable last item to cover. Also, I'm not sure what your intro and conclusion are going to be, but make sure you have something that wakes them up that you really pull it together at the end.

    I think I would enjoy listening to your talk.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    You have to cover all that in one hour? LOL.

    What exactly is the purpose of the presentation? What do you need to show to them and what do they want from you?

    Honestly, your presentation outline is detailed, perhaps too detailed. You could be talking for hours and hours
    Curtis Ng (blog) - Product Launch Manager
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    @dvduval: great points about strong intro + close. Great tip mate!

    purpose: teach the other staff the big IM concepts so they can at least be aware of them and improve their knowledge. They don't need to be able to 'DO' these technical things, just understand they exist and how clients can benefit from them.

    I'll help double your AARRR metrics 80% faster than you've projected.

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      Originally Posted by Paul Barrs View Post


      It's ONLY ok to break even and even lose money on the front end product because the money is in the backend.[/i] AFTER you have done al your split testing and PROVEN that the conversion rats are in place.

      That's a great post, Paul and I'm sure the OP, as well as many others, will get tremendous value from it.

      Just one question:

      Where do I hire these conversion rats?

      Help Us Rescue, Rehabilitate And Reunite Victims With Their Families

      STOP THE TRAFFIK is a growing global movement of individuals, communities and organisations fighting to PREVENT the sale of people,
      PROTECT the trafficked and PROSECUTE the traffickers.
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    I'll be sure to embed the strategy behind the tactics.

    PS: Totally going to use your young couple going out on a date analogy Paul. Love it!

    I'll help double your AARRR metrics 80% faster than you've projected.

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    It quite a mouthful. Will you make it within an hour. Jsut make ure they don't feel hurried through the presentation. The question to ask yourself is"If these people were to leave here with just one point/principle/technique/startegy, what would it be."

    Good stuff thoug, and a very good outline as well.
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  • You're going to talk to a corporate audience, not to a standard Warrior. Corporate people LOVE numbers, statistics and ratios. If you tell a corporate folk something like "this and that will cut your costs by XX.XX%" you will have him humping your leg like there's no tomorrow. So make sure to throw in TONS of statistics and ratios, and how to improve them.
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      Before deciding on the content of your presentation be
      crystal clear on the overt and covert objectives you
      want to achieve.


      What, specifically do you want your audience to DO as
      a result of listening to your presentation?

      What, specificially do YOU want to achieve from doing
      your presentation?

      Get clear on these points first and then choose the content
      that moves you and your audience in that direction.

      Also, make sure that you have a very strong introduction
      so that you capture the attention of your audience from the

      Usually in presentations - less is more. Focus on communicating
      a few key points really well rather than trying to do too much
      in a short space of time.

      Choose the vital few vs. the trivial many.

      Make sure you close your presentation strongly too as people
      tend to remember and judge your performance based on the
      quality of the start and finish.

      Finally, practice doing your presentation a number of times and
      then it'll be easier when you do it live. (You'll actually have
      already built the brain connections for a smoother presentation!).

      Good luck.

      Dedicated to your success,



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    I find it amazing that in your whole presentation you have not mentioned blogging as I would imagine this would be a critical step to a company like this.

    Social bookmarking is great as long as you have content to social bookmark in the beginning.

    I think if you get through 20% of what you have listed you will be doing very well. If you print it out and just read all the points slowly and clearly it will take you a good 10 minutes without any explanation.

    We have done a few corporate presentation and from my experience you want to produce a good report with all that information in it but then at the presentation highlight just a few and as mentioned before use stats.

    Before I even do a presentation I ask quite a few questions to get an idea of what they are looking for. Have you done this or just assuming this is what they want.

    Remember they already have their specifics so you will need to target it all to their current business and not add in new business models.

    Be interesting to see how you go.

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    A couple of points:-

    Although corporates have little interest or need for videos it is a fact that companies that need to market to a younger audience should be using them as a traffic source, and for similar reasons to the use of blogging (meet the market where it actually is).

    Statistics are a beautiful thing when they are presented in an easy to see and understand manner ie. visual, graphs etc.(these are head nodders).

    You have a lot to cover so maybe make all the details available for download and/or written handout to participants (so they can fill in the 70% plus they will miss or forget and then they can communicate your ideas to others easily).

    Good luck mate
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