Wordpress vs old fashioned HTML coding

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I'm an experienced web developer but a newbie IMer.

Are there advantages to me using Wordpress to power my landing pages, squeeze pages, etc. or am I better off just building my own HTML?

I understand Wordpress is great for blogging, but not sure how it helps me on a pitch page.
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    You can use either WordPress or standard hand-coded pages, as long as you structure your hand-coded site so that the navigation is intuitive and the coding is efficient.

    I also hand-build sites but in recent months have taken to using WordPress more and more, rather than hand-coding, because it's quicker.

    One thing you do need to do if you're hand-coding in WordPress (using the HTML view) is to turn off the WordPress HTML filters (disable the Visual view or install one of the plugins that do it for you).

    Once you've done that you can hand-code to your heart's delight in WordPress but have WP (or your theme is it's a good one) take care of a lot of the grunt work.


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