Affiliate Links..Does it really work?

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What and Who is an Affiliate? This is not to say I do not know who or what an affiliate is, my reason behind my question is that I am wondering how does affiliate make it in this marketing industry. Some say they are "Super Affiliate" and others are just affiliate... affiliate links are being sabotage and even if they try to cloak their links it is still visible to targeted visitors and once they realized that this is an affiliate, they try to see how they can purchase the product not using the link even if it does not make a difference. There must me another way to help these affiliate, for after all they are promoting our products and it will take them a long time to generate a sale.

Do any vendors use Direct-Link?
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    The only people who would try to do this are people who know what affiliate marketing is. As for the general public? Most don't have a clue. I've spoken with countless people who do NOT understand how I make money with Amazon because I don't have any of my own products on their site. They bought from Amazon, and don't even know how I fit into the picture. I don't cloak my links either--I might thought if I promoted in the IM niche.
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    I agree with mainstreetcm the 'general public' dont really have much clue about affiliate links and aff codes. In the end they are looking for a product or a solution to a problem and thats what will motivate them to purchase.

    Yes I agree that they will want the best price or perhaps bonus package offered when they purchase but I dont think they are sabotaging links in general. You can make good money with affiliate marketing even if a % of your sales are stolen/sabotaged etc etc by unscrupulous internet marketers. Keep yourself ethical and I am sure you will reap the rewards in the long run.
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    the point of getting people to click your affiliate links is to make them spend money.

    the only people who would be suspicous of links that take them to products would be internet marketers
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      I agreed with you totally. That's the reason I do not get myself involved with the IM niche. It will be a mammoth task to make money from internet marketeers.

      Originally Posted by Dalun View Post

      the point of getting people to click your affiliate links is to make them spend money.

      the only people who would be suspicous of links that take them to products would be internet marketers
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    I agree with what has been said above. i hide my affiliate links using php redirects. However, you don't have to in niche markets. Outside of IM most people don't know how the web really works. many dont know what an affililiate is. they just look and see if you are recommending a good product.

    even in the Im niche, you will lose some sales, because people are idiots. however, if you do it right, and give a lot of valuable information, and build up a relationship with people, they will ask you for it.

    i do a lot of freelance writing, as well as running my own affiliate sites, and I have had many of my clients ask me for an affiliate link to something that I recommended without one.
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    Thanks Guys, I tried to explain this to a few people who are into affiliate marketing right now. They get frustrated because they seems not to be getting any sales. They are confused, and need help. I have asked them to join warrior forum and seek advice and get educated on affiliate marketing. I have been doing affiliate marketing for a few years now, and I has been very profitable for me, especially in article marketing. I wrote a lot of articles that brings me sales. Thanks for all your comments.

    Please read the Forum Rules affiliate links are NOT permitted

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