Ok So Whats Your Daily Schedule Like??

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To you full time IM and those who do IM PT what is your day like? Do you do things in order (ie, bookmarks for an hour, articles for another hour etc)

For me since I work a 10 hour shift at a regular job my day is as follows...

Wake up to check emails
Check last night link blast
Check the forums

On Thursdays and weekends I do in a mix of bookmarks, submit articles, try and organize folders, etc

How do you stay on task...
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    GoogleWarrior, i work 10 hour days on my IM business, and sometimes more. if you want to succeed, you have to be willing to put in the effort.

    That doesn't include the time on emails, forums, and playing around either. you can make it work with less time, but you have to outsource a lot. so, the secret to success is invest in your business, either time or money.
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    Wake up
    Check emails
    Check Paypal and other affiliate sites
    Start new link blast
    Get paid
    Write articles and work on websites
    Other stuff that im too lazy to write

    oh yea

    disregard females, acquire currency
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    Work schedule changes everyday. Always work going on though.
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