AutoBlogging SEO Question -- Does SEO work after-the-fact?

by N4PGW
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I have been working with auto-blogging software. The products are pretty good at gathering articles together, but not formatting them for SEO. In the cases of Caffeinated Content and Blog Post Automator, I noticed they pre-load articles for future use. At the end of the future, you manually run the programs again. In these cases, I can edit each article and add SEO before they are published.

In the case of WPRobot, it can be set to publish immediately on each day it is set to publish an article and works, theoretically, forever. If left alone for a month, a month's worth of articles will be posted without SEO. If at the beginning of a month, I went back and added SEO would it help anything since Google has already indexed what I just changed?

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