How to upload files to my site?

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IHe all,

I want to upload about 230mb of stuff to my server. I'm using Core FTP and it seems to only upload at about 10-20 kb a sec.

Is this normal? Is there a faster way?

Also, can anyone tell me how to put a folder/(file) that contains many different pieces (audio/pdf/pics/whatever) into that file so when someone clicks a link to download what I put up, it is all taken as one file/folder if this makes sense?

Can I "escape" zipping it? If not, what's the best way for a dummy like me?


(I should add that my internet connection is, hmmm...)
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    Hey there,
    uploads of 10-20kb is indeed rather slow. Then again, a fast connection (down) does not guarantee fast uploads (up), uploads might be capped by your provider. I recommend a simple speed test (just google it) to determine the speed of your up-connection, since honestly, FTP is the best way to go.

    I'm not sure if I understand the second part of your question correctly, but from what I'm getting, there is no way around zipping it. Is there any specific reason preventing you from going down the .zip route?


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    Hey thanks for your help.

    Yea, I'll check the speed and see if that's it. But in the meantime, I can zip (I guess) but I don't know if there is "freeware" that does that. The files will be for commercial use.

    But if I zip it as an ".exe" that seems the best way to accomplish it right? Someone clicks a download link, and the file starts to download.

    It seems as if doing it as a folder (the link to the folder hyperlinked from the download link) will just open up a page on my site displaying the files where I'd rather like to have it start to download the folder/files/product upon pressing of the "download" button.

    Any thoughts?

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    Hi piratejoe84 -

    I'm hosting on Hostgator. Is that what you mean? I've tried through their file manager but it appears the speed is still slow. It looks like it might be my connection.

    I'll check out 7zip. I did get a zipped file by doing trevord92's suggestion too. Thanks guys.
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