Looking for a warrior to recommend a "featured post" type of wordpress plugin

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Hi all,

I've searched through various "featured post" and "gallery" plugins through wordpress and I haven't really found the right one for what I want.

I basically want one that rotates through posts, but doesn't have to include an image. Maybe one day, I'll use one that uses images, but for now, I'd rather not.

At Conceive A Boy | Methods To Conceive a Boy and Gender Selection it shows a featured post function. That is exactly what I am looking for.

No that is not my site (obviously) and no I have no affiliation. I'm just using it as an example.

Got any recommendation?

Also, I looked through the source code, and it appears it MIGHT be hard coded into the site (I may be terribly wrong, however). If there is an easy way to hard code into my template, I'm for doing it, I'm just not a programmer so I have no clue on how to write the code myself.
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