I am in a mess any suggestions

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Good evening Warriors
you may or may not have seen my posts before,I am in general a reader but rarely a contributor,anyway

after 18 years I have been taken off shifts in my 9-5 and money has vastly reduced,I am currently building a blog to promote an affiliate product,just tweaking and adding the finishing touches at the moment but will be posting regularly on that in the coming days,I hope to build more blogs and affiliate sites after that.

Anyway after reviewing our finances last night we are going to have more outgoings than incomings so the advice I would like is for any quick and easy ways to generate a small bill covering income,I know some will reply that you cant make money overnight and hard work is needed and I appreciate that but I have just this week recieved a massive reduction in my regular income and wondered if there is anything going on to generate quick cash.

All replies will be greatfully accepted
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    Find something that you are really good at that has to do with internet marketing, and offer a service in the Warriors for Hire Section - or write up a great report about how to do something, put your own unique twist on it and run a WSO.

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    If I had more outgoing then incoming, I would look for guaranteed money. Oddjobs, other jobs etc, not online money where the money is never guaranteed.

    You have some online stuff, keep it up, but don't be silly. Get yourself in shape first then experiement with the unknown.
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    I would say that your best bet for quick income depends on your skills and knowledge.

    What can you offer and deliver quickly that people will pay for?

    Finding products to sell online is easy - marketing them takes time, so I don't think your immediate answer lays in selling stuff online.

    Also - your potential for quick income depends on your current network of contacts - who do you know that knows people who need something you can offer?

    Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear - but it seems like you're intelligent enough to know that there is no quick and easy money without putting in time or money to get it.


    nothing to see here.

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    People have suggested some great things for you to do, but I'm gonna tell you something that not many people think about doing. But I don't know where you are at as a marketer and you knowledge. So what i'm suggesting is that you go help a small business in your area. Go do simple internet marketing tasks for them and charge $500-2000/month depending on your skills and how much you do for them. You want just an extra $200 or so then set them up with an autoresponder and manage it for them. That will be an extra $200/month for doing almost nothing. My buddy did that for a local pizza guy and he loved how much it helped out his business. So that is just a little tip i would suggest. If you wanna hear the story from my friend himself then you can visit my blog (lbwalton.com), subscribe and grab it up at no charge. Good luck in making that extra income for the month. Hope u can make ur situation better.
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      13 years ago my wages suddenly dropped to less than half of what they were. It was that bad that I thought I was going to lose my house.

      I sat down and worked out what I could cut back on but still my outgoings were more than I was bringing in. A second job in a bar still wasn't enough so I created my own product for offline information publishing. That helped to turn things round and I now own that house.

      The thing is that I would never have tried to create anything of my own if my back hadn't been against the wall and I would never have known what I was capable of.

      Work out what you can do and use your current circumstances to motivate yourself to do it. But, as Venturetothetop says first it is better to find yourself some guaranteed money first.
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      If you need quick immediate income I would suggest selling on ebay
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        You located in the US?

        Ebay got me out of a pinch and I ended up building a good income from it too buying diabetic test strips (really) low and selling high. Pretty close to guaranteed money, but it really only works in the US ... and is a bit biased on location (if you're near a big area with a good classifieds paper or two... you usually do better).

        And if you need a little start up cash to do this ... put some stuff on Craigslist cheap .... the stuff that sells the best is sporting equipment, furniture, lighting, appliances etc ... things that people need/want when they're moving etc. You could even look on Freecycle or dumpsters/curbs for this kinda stuff (for free) and sell on Craigslist.
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    How about fiverr.com or vworker.com?
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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