I have a product, but how to I set it up on a website?

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I have my own product that I would like to sell. The problem is that I don't know how to set it up on a website with payment button and everything else needed. I am hoping somebody could point me in the right direction of a step by step tutorial on how to do this. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Hey, if you have a product, the hardest part is out of the way.

    Setting up a website is very simple. In reality, you only need a few pages: opt-in, pitch page, thank you page, and disclaimer/terms/privacy. You can add affiliate page and more if you want to get fancy.

    If you sell the product on clickbank, they make payment processing simple - they have tutorials on the help section of their website.
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      If you just have one product, you could use Paypal.

      Assuming that your product is an ebook, you would start by turning it into a pdf document.

      Then ftp that document to your webspace - so its address is www.mydomain.com/myebook.pdf

      Set up a download page. Don't add this to your site's menubar as you don't want people to see it unless they have purchased your product.

      On this page put a link that says something like "download here" (I often make this a graphic so it is not visible to search engines) and link it to your ebook.

      Then go to Paypal and set up a payment button - making sure to go to step 3, advanced options, and set up the return link for successful payment. Enter the address of your download page.

      Grab the code for your paypal button and add it to your sales page.

      Hope some of that helps
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    Be sure to add the noindex nofollow noarchive attributes to your download page so that the major search engines will not list it in search results. That way people have to pay for it to find it.
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      Take a look at oswd web design templates if you need great templates. Then just hire some elance buddy to do the rest including epayment etc., but make sure you have a detailled plan how and when you want to do everything.
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    Hey there, If you have got a product which really adds value , you are a king. Now you need to begin by identifying the keywords for which your product would sell. The you need to assess the competition for each of these keywords and then decide which keywords you would target for ranking.

    You can then get a hosting account, buy a domain name and host the account using wordpress. You will then need to build backlinks. If you write good content, you will eventually see a lot of guys linking back to you, so you do not need to worry about backlinks. In due course your search engine rankings will improve and you will have traffic that you can convert to sales.

    If you find this intimidating, you can partner up with someone who has been doing this. Say me and share your revenues in a mutually agreed proportion.

    All the best

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      I'm assuming that you are well aware that you can hire someone to do the tech work for you. SO I won't tell you to do that - I will also assume that for whatever reason you'd rather not pay someone to do this for you. Here's an idea...

      Head over to the JV section of this forum and make a detailed post about your product and seek a web developer to handle the tech. Offer a revenue share - you will have no problem finding a talented person to do everything from start to finish if the numbers look right.

      Setting up a site is not hard at all (if you know what you are doing). It is only hard while you are trying to learn it. I say don't waste your time and money trying to figure out how to do the tech stuff (unless you have a strong interest in doing/learning tech work) partner up with someone who'd all ready doing it successfully...

      Just my .02 take it with a grain of salt

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        You need to decide first HOW you want to sell your product...

        You want to offer it directly on a sales page, or you want to put it in a sales funnel (OTO/Downsells/Upsells..etc)...

        What payment processor you want to use..

        If you don't know how to handle the technical issues, I think you should hire someone...

        You're welcome to contact me if you need help, I have something that may help you
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    Ha, no wonder I found the question familiar, I was trying to answer your question in another thread.

    I found this video talking about how to set up your payment button, this it's quite useful.

    Hope this help.

    How to Create Payment Buttons, Links, And Thank-You Pages | Eric's Tips
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      Thanks for all the replies you guys.

      Goldmine - I would like to put it on a sales page first to get my feet wet before I would do the whole sales funnel thing. I guess I would have to have a keyword rich sales letter then upload it to a wordpress site then add the sales buttons as well as other bonuses.

      I don't mind learning the tech stuff for now. Once I can afford it I will be able to outsource. For now I just want to put up a simple site and seo the heck out of it and get some sales coming in just so I know I can do it. Then I would like to ramp things up with a great sales funnel.

      The biggest thing for me right now is knowing that I personally made a sale from scratch. That would do wonders for my confidence. Thanks
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    You can't beat a professional looking site/page for your product to sit on.
    It's something I could certainly help you out with.

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    PM me if its something you might be interested in.
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