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Fellow warriors and life entrepreneurs,

I graduated college last year as a computer science major. However, I lost interest in that field and started getting more and more interested in and passionate about health and raw nutrition, especially raw foods and the raw food diet. Over the last year, I've been extensively reading about and studying the subject of raw foods nutrition. I've also taken an online certification course by one of the leaders of the raw food movement and at this point, I feel like I have so much knowledge and experience in this field that I can offer a tremendous amount of value and help people transform their health, diet and lifestyle habits and solve many of their problems and educate them about nutrition. So I recently decided that a good way to do that would be to offer my services as a raw food coach. However, I honestly don't know where exactly to start and I don't have much money to spend on marketing and advertising. I'm very passionate about this that I'm willing to go as far as offering my service for free for the first 10 clients or so just to establish a reputation for myself. I'm also willing to offer it both offline and online, although I don't have any expertise with building a website and the technical aspect of it. That's why I thought I would seek some advice here. To me it seems that a first step would be to put a website together and start offering advice on discussion forums with a link to my coaching service but I feel that would be a bit slow and that there's a better way to go about it so I thought I would ask here.

Thanks for reading,

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    Hi Alex,

    What I would do first is to put up some videos on youtube and see how much "love" you get back from that. Video marketing is a great way to promote you and your services and I would def start here as it is 100% free!

    You seem to be quite experienced in this field so putting up a website and ranking it for a strong keyword would def be recommended (prob a blog or wordpress type site) but then you'll have to think carefully about how to monetize it.

    I would rank for a keyword related to your niche, provide some excellent content and then prob affiliate to a nutrition type product on clickbank.

    Depending on how much money you have enough for advertising you could also think about a bit of paid advertising to see your results faster.

    I would see how this went first and then alter my online endeavours from there.

    Hope this helps

    Rash ash

    Also mate PM me as I may have a potentially killer idea!!!!
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