Program X is a SCAM!!

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One thing I cannot stand is someone yelling scam to draw in visitors to an affiliate program and then do a complete 180 and give the program props and promote it.

This definitely turns me off and if I do click and like the program the first thing I do is erase my cookies and then go find someone who is promoting the product legitimately and give them the credit for the sale.

As a matter of fact anyone who uses sketchy marketing practices automatically gets a red flag on the how they run their business.

Business is about building relationships not duping somebody into reading what you have to say. If you must dupe or use misleading headlines then you are not running you r business effectively.

I encourage all who come across headlines like this and think the program being offered may be of some value to erase your cookies and find someone promoting the program that you feel truly help you.
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    David, whilst in an ideal world that would be awesome,

    the fact is that most of these 'guru' launches are made for newbies who like to get drawn in easily. By that same token a newbie wouldnt know these tactics were 'dirty'
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    Most guru launches are for newbies who don't know that the tactics are dirty?


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    I would say it's more unfair to the merchant who has the negative branding of people seeing the SCAM ad, but not bothering to click it. Definitely not something good to do
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