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Hey Everyone,
We came up with this trick a few months back and used it with alot of success for our local business. I hope someone can use it!

This trick involves using the Facebook "image tag" function to get an image (which is an advertisement in disguise) to go viral.

Here's how it works:

Have you ever seen those images people pass around on Facebook that don't have any actual people in them....just like 10 images and phrases below the images that describe a trait?


In case you haven't seen something like this on facebook....this is what people do.... They download this image and then they upload it to facebook. They will then tag a friend to the section that "fits" that friend (based on traits).

When a friend is tagged in the image they get a notification. This kind of image usually gets alot of comments and everytime it does....people that are tagged get another notification....

With that in mind....here's what we did.

We built and posted the following image for my Chiropractic office to help out our new massage therapist.

The Text Says:
1) Right Click and saw this picture to your pc.
2) Upload it to your facebook profile
3) Photo Tag "Ben Adkins" (that's me) on the Adkins Chiro Logo
4) Tag yourself in the Center Character.
5) Tag 5 friends on the surrounding characters
We will pick a winner Next Monday!
If your friend (one of the five people you tagged) wins the free
massage, then you get one for 50% off. So help a friend out and get tagging

We posted it to my facebook page and people started downloading it, re-uploading it, and tagging away like crazy.

Everytime someone got tagged....they got a notification
Most of them would, in turn, download it, and retag the person that tagged them...and tag 4 others.

This put my office in front of a ton of people that had never heard of us...and it literally cost us nothing (except the free massage).

Hope this is something you all can use and adapt it for your own purposes on Facebook!

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    I like it.

    Creates a fun way for someone on Facebook to interact with their friends. With a reward to boot.

    As long as you're on the front end of something like this I can see it working quite well as you've described.

    Of course, if you're the 100th person tagging a friend with the same type of chiropractic offer I'm guessing a complaint may be made.
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    It def pays to be the early adopter of this tactic

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    Genius! Thanks for sharing your secret. Off to put into action
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    Glad it helped!

    Want to see How I'm running a Multimillion dollar online business from a backpack? Follow my journey here.
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    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the awesome tips! This is a really good way to make your FB page to go viral! Love this!

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  • This a fantastic idea. I'm obviously going to be a real dumbass but does someone know where would I find a tutorial on how to build such an image or can someone explain?



    Be a business - wherever you are http://nomadentrepreneur.blogspot.co.uk/

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    Love the idea. Will definitely give this one a try. Thanks for posting this awesome tip.
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    Fantastic Idea. Not much else you can say other than that, great to see people think outside the box.
    "Live like you'll die tomorrow, Learn like you'll live forever" - M. Ghandi
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    It's a great idea. I have seen people doing something similar where they tag people in a video. If it turns viral, you are made.
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      Ikea did a photo tagging competions which facebook did not like and I wonder if what you have suggest will get you shut down ?

      I am looking for ways to market with photo tagging becuase thats the future of marketing on facebook.

      I like your idea

      Read: Facebook Marketing: IKEA's Genius Use of Photo Tagging

      I like IKEA campaign a lot. But is it allowed anymore due to the changed rules of Facebook? See for example Marketers and Agencies Figuring Out How to Navigate Facebook’s New Contest Rules - an article by Facebook Inside & Justin Smith according to which this kind of photo tagging is not allowed.
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    That is a brilliant idea! Now that is what we call quality socializing. I will try to come up with a nice photo for this idea. Thanks.

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    Great in theory but it is against Facebooks new rules outlining giveaways and promotions. Use at your own risk and don't complain if your fan page or account was to get banned.

    See below...

    "For example, a few weeks ago, an Ikea store in Sweden ran a promotion on their Facebook Page in which users who tagged photos of furniture with their names first won the items as prizes. A Facebook spokesperson told us today that the promotion was indeed in violation of the new policies and would not be allowed to run today."

    Here are some of their new guidelines straight from Facebook:

    You cannot: Condition entry in the promotion upon a user providing content on Facebook, such as making a post on a profile or Page, status comment or photo upload.

    You can: Use a third party application to condition entry to the promotion upon a user providing content. For example, you may administer a photo contest whereby a user uploads a photo through a third-party application to enter the contest.

    You cannot: Administer a promotion that users automatically enter by becoming a fan of your Page.

    You can: Only allow fans of your Page to access the tab that contains the third-party application for the promotion.

    You cannot: Notify winners through Facebook, such as through Facebook messages, chat, or posts on profiles or Pages.

    You can: Collect an address or email through the third-party application for the promotion in order to contact the winner by email or standard mail.

    You cannot: Instruct people (in the rules or elsewhere) to sign up for a Facebook account before they enter the promotion.

    You can: Instruct users to visit the third-party application to enter the promotion (as described in Section 3.4(i)). Since users must have a Facebook account in order to access an application on the Facebook Platform, if you give this instruction, they will be prompted to sign up for a Facebook account if they do not already have one.
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    Very good idea, this can bring viral traffic to us and it cost free, thanks for this
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