WordPress Fatal Error - Help Anyone?

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EDITED - solved! Thank you.
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    I have a WP install, and I can't login, I had to reinstall, still don't know why. But here is the most important thing... BACK UP your posts, then if you do a reinstall, at least you won't lose you links.

    I accomplished this inside PHP Myadmin (and I'm not a DB guy), I simply chose the correct database, then clicked on "posts", the chose export (I believe that was it). I then completely deleted my WP install, and reinstall it from scratch (I had all my plugins, themes saved locally). Once reinstalled, and tested, I went back into pHP Myadmin, found the new DB, deleted the post table (a necessary step and remember this is the new DB). At that point I took the earlier export, ran a query and my posts were back like they were.

    It took sometime, but I didn't lose my data or links. I'm not sure that helps or not, but I wish you luck and no doubt there will be some WP experts who check in.
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    Kat, I would get your hosting company to clear up that issue. Sounds like something they would need to fix since Fantastico botched the upgrade..

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      Due to the nature of your issue, your best bet, while it may not be the only option, is to contact your hosting company and have them restore your database to their most recent backup. There are other ways to fix your problem, but restoring from a backup is your best option.

      Now as for the upgrade issues, I strongly suggest you install the plugin "Wordpress Automatic Upgrade". The upgrade process is a piece of cake with this plugin. It will even backup both your database and your installation. It will even prompt you to download the backup files locally to your computer.

      Here is the link to the plugin on Wordpress.org:

      WordPress › Wordpress Automatic upgrade WordPress Plugins

      Here is the direct link to download the plugin from Wordpress.org:


      Hope that helps.
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    Kat did you disable your plugins before the upgrade?

    Bare Murkage.........

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    Disable the plugins. If you can't (which it seems) go to your FTP and delete the plugin. Apparently it's not compatible with the upgrade.
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    Disable your plugins ... Also I would edit my post ...

    "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare activate_plugin() (previously declared in /home/CHANGETHIS/public_html/hardiness-resilience/wp-content/plugins/installer/includes/functions.inc.php:69) in /home/CHANGETHIS/public_html/hardiness-resilience/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php on line 120"

    Remove those out of your post as you are giving away your servers username..

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    Hi Kat

    Sorry to hear about your problem, i hope you have now sorted it out.

    Once it is all working well install "Backupwordpress" plugin this is a life saver plugin for wordpress blogs, it is easy to install and once activated and configured your whole blog and sql database for the blog will be saved and a copy of backup will be emailed to you if you choose this function.

    Here is the link to download "Backupwordpress" plugin WordPress › BackUpWordPress WordPress Plugins

    All the best

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    This is so funny. I wanted to help so badly with this problem. But I didn't have enough posts to be able to show the link to the solution.

    So I scurried around the forum and answered 14 other questions or made comments... just so I could come back here and post the link to the solution.

    I get to the page and "Problem Solved" is what I first see. LOL

    Oh well... it was worth it.. I read a lot of really great stuff.

    And here is the link to the solution btw: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/1...45#post-876056
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      I neglected to mention that "backupwordpress" plugin. I use that plugin as well. Makes life so easy. I never worry about my blog crashing.
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        Hi Everyone,

        Thank you all for your help. I really appreciate it.

        @JJP & ebiz96 - excellent suggestions. I will check out those plugins.

        @Debra - What a generous spirit! Thank you for trying so hard to get back here to help. I know I will find that link useful.

        @RichJerksNet - thanks for that tip. I have a lot to learn about security.

        @ all of you - thanks!

        - Kat

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