My Business Model - Can you help me turn this around?

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My website, for all to see is: - Unbiased Product reports - Health Food - Diet Programs - Exercise - Diet Program Reviews

Health- Diet Program Niche

Diet Programs are meals delivered directly to people's door which are created by doctors to help people lose weight. They're really good.


The website is built around the Conduit Method and uses one of Chris Rempel's own templates. I've altered it slightly. The website is around 2 months old.

Business Model

Tools - Linkvana and Socialbot v3

My business model is quite sporadic. I followed the Conduit steps but found no traffic so i switched to created what i called satellite pages which are basically small relevant article pages within the website without much value but are targeted at giving the reader what they want.

The satellite pages have not brought any traffic so i switched to creating Ezine articles, I created 13 articles in the same way i did satellite pages, i've had about 900 views and 130 clicks with no sales.

I have a huge problem with Ezines, my articles appear and then disappear. What i mean is they are listed in google and then within a week they are replaced by a link to the recent articles page on ezine. The problem is, 2-3 weeks on that page is STILL listed and my article is no where to be seen. How can i use ezines if my article isn't going to be displayed? It's getting the clicks for the work i've done. This is still happening now.

Keyword Research

My Keyword Research consists of using SEO book combined with Adwords Keyword Tool to look for keywords that are in the region of 10-100 searches per day and have between 0-20k competition when i type them in google in quotes.

Some of my keywords i used were not in this criteria because i'm always learning and correcting. Others are great keywords but still not driving traffic.

I discovered that these tools are actually quite bad sometimes, seobook reports the keyword "call of duty 4 tips" as 32 daily estimate. My first ever hobby website is 2# for this keyword and yesterday that keyword alone brought 53 visitors to my website, the average is around 100 mark though, so it's values are way off which de motivates me more since i don't know if i'm doing the right thing.

I've used linkvana and created about 40 links to my website for some of it's main keyword like "Diet programs" or "Diet program reviews" When i look at diet programs as a keyword i notice it's heavily competitive, over 1 million websites, yet when i check diet program reviews it has a value of 44 per day. I would be happy with that but i don't believe i can trust seobook on this one since google keywords gives this 16 PER MONTH.

Socialbot v3
Socialbot v3 has done well, it's certainly helped me get my pages indexed and i can't complain at all, i'm very happy with it. I've been blocked on some social websites after submitting too many pages but i'm going to create new accounts for all the social websites again. I submitted all my pages and ezines.

I created a simple video showing people how to get 5% off Vitalicious products by generating a coupon code through my website and uploaded it to youtube. It's just an idea i remember i heard here and thought i'd push the boat out, that was yesterday so it will take time - I also socially bookmarked it.


so after all that i'm still get less than 10 visitors a day, usually 2-4 of them are from search engines. I'm getting no traffic and after everything, i just don't know what to do, what direction to take.

If i found a lead, a place or bit of work that was making me money i could expand on it and put a lot of effort into it but everytime i try something there is always something stopping me or lack of success.

Where can i get my traffic from? Ezines won't list my articles, instead their own page and i can't seem to catch on to good keywords so i can power linkvana and backlink building to dominate it.

The way i see it, if i could find a good keyword and find a way to drive traffic from it i would be happy, but it's not happening.

I'm not going to give up, regardless of the outcome of this thread, but i would really really appreciate some help on turning my website around to make a least a sales a week or something i could build on. You know i don't want people to do the work for me, just for someone to show me what to do so i can work for myself and achieve some success with my website.

Thanks for looking.
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    I completely understand this.

    My diet site gets 50 - 70 daily visitors but never sells anything.
    I am beginning to think that there is no such thing as an affiliate sale.

    I can't wait to see what answers you get
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    begin by establishing yourself as more of an expert, create more videos at least 1 a day and add article marketing. pre sell your visitors by providing them with useful content, if it seems like you are trying to help them out they are warmed up to you as a person and if they like you they will be more likely to throw money your way.

    1 video is never enough

    hang out in forums related to your topic and answer there questions.

    At some point it comes down to give and you shall receive.

    Focus on helping others in your niche first, and when you are truly helping others solve their problems you will never be at a lack of clients
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    Hi Matt,

    This is just an observation...

    When I look at your home page there is nothing to grab my attention. You have only a few seconds to engage your visitors before they hit the back button. You need something that will grab their imagination immediately.

    This is the job of good headline. You don't have one. And that has to be followed by compelling copy.

    Asking people to sign up, or expecting them to look at products that cost $25 per day, everyday that they stay on a program is a lot like asking a girl for a kiss the moment you meet her. It can happen, but rarely.

    If I were in your position I would certainly get my hands on some good copywriting materials that will allow you to study and learn that craft. Trust me, you need that education.

    Your website looks clean, but clean doesn't always translate into sales.

    Just keep progressing, this is a journey, not a destination.

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    No one is opting into my list.

    I get scared of copy because it's a review website. I wil certainly have a look at it and i can see exactly what you mean nothing to grab the attention of the reader.

    I'm going to look into that right away.
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    One thing I noticed, your titles look kinda of spammy, several pages with "diet" three times in the title.

    Also, only shows 59 linkbacks to your site, a number of them from the same sites, like ezinearticles, bookmarking, ect. Diet is pretty competitive, gonna need many more links.

    I agree, the copy/text on the page is not very compelling, not enough to get people clicking.
    PLR Affiliate Program Has Launched! Easily Promote Over 5,000 PLR and MRR Products.

    Largest Selection of PLR Articles on the Planet! PLR Ebooks, PLR Video, PLR Websites and more with Private Label Rights
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      Firstly, I think you are "brave" going for the diet market. You're up against thousands and thousands of sites with many years experience. The only way you're going to get a good SEO ranking in that niche IMHO is by going for long tail words.

      I found your site difficult to look at (using Firefox on a Macbook). It seemed really narrow and the pictures kept pulling my eyes in different directions. What on earth is the point of that distracting apple at the top? I'm not sure what you are trying to do with your home page - are you? Every page should have a clear aim. It's not clear to me what the aim of your home page is. The other pages seem much better.

      Hope that helps.

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    This is just my opinion, of course -- I've been in the weight loss niche since around 2002. It took me awhile to get it through my thick head that people don't want "independent, unbiased". :-) They want quick tips, they want a quick solution to their problems, they want want to look good and feel good right away.

    Now, I haven't sold my soul to the devil (I do my best to keep diet pill ads off my site, won't touch those). But you can still make it all about healthy weight loss -- it's just in the delivery! LOL! Look at any fitness magazine to see what I mean... 7 Top Tips to..., 4 Easy Ways You Can..., etc.

    Content, content, content. Get exciting content up on your site; that will get people clicking around and keep the search engines happy (when it comes to keywords my tail is sooooooo long! LOL!).

    I've got to run, but if you're interested, I can point you to some good PLR material to put on your site. Fitness calculators help, too, with a weight loss site (there used to be some out there that webmasters could put on their site -- it would point back to the original site). I have my own, and sometimes I have half a mind to offer the code as WSO.

    When it comes to content sites, patience and time are the key, unfortunately. There are tons of competing sites out there.

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    Would you be able to make an suggestions what i can edit to make the homepage more compelling?

    Maybe take the small paragraph out and place some bold Orange headline like "Discover why celebrities are ditching their diets and ordering diet programs"

    The problem is i've created Product reports as is with the conduit method so i'm trying not to conflict.

    Would you place that headline where "" is or where i i suggested?
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    Hi Matt,

    I'd remove the optin box altogether for the moment. Concentrate on making a few affiliate sales because once you see a few dollar signs that'll give you the motivation. List building is important but I always like to take baby steps, you can always start the list building once you have a steady flow of traffic.

    The site looks good, a basic review site which is perfect 'for its purpose'. Don't get side tracked with headlines and pretty colours, that isn't what a review site is for. A review site is designed to pull in traffic from people already interested in the product. You're job isn't to sell them the product, your job is to make them feel better about purchasing a product someone else is selling.

    Scrap 'diet programs' and 'diet program reviews' as keywords for now. You want to focus on specific product keywords. This will bring you traffic that converts a lot higher. Take for example 'chefs diet'. Use the google adwords tool and you'll see 'chef diet delivery' has 110 searches per month but has only 8 competing sites when searched in quotes. Its small but its something!

    Use the google tool for vitalicious aswell and you get around 100 variations of keywords you can use.

    You need to focus on these niche terms and build your site around those. Keywords that focus on product names are much less competitive and convert MUCH better because the person already knows what theyre looking for, you just need to push the over the line.

    Hope this helps

    Puppets are people too

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    Well done for posting this as I think it will be of great value to a lot of people in a similar position if the thread continues to run. I'm also a newbie trying the conduit method. While I firmly believe it works, I don't think it's a good model for newbie's.

    The main observation I've made from your posts is that you may be trying too hard. Your determination to succeed is brilliant but I think you've become emotionally attached to this project because you've put so much work into it. This is my problem with the conduit method, it's very time consuming if you can't outsource the work, and when the sales don't start rolling in after all that work it can get you down.
    It might be worth shifting your focus for a while - a change is as good as a rest.

    It might be worth doing Kevin Riley's product creation course or Nico's 90 day challenge then come back to the conduit later. That's what I'm doing.

    I will PM you later as I have plenty to discuss with you but I'm off to bed!

    Good luck
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    Hi Matt,

    I looked at your site and I thought the one thing that was missing was you! Most people respond to a person, not just a website with products. I think your content needs to focus on how this site will benefit the visitor, not simply list the features of the diet programs you are selling.

    How about introducing yourself on the home page and why you're interested in diet programs? Will your site help people to save money? Choose the best weight loss program for their personality type or budget?

    I agree with Mike about the keywords. How about using the word "reviews" to those product keywords?

    It does take time for people to begin to trust you enough to buy from you. A list helps you do that because you are hitting them with your message at least once a month. I've read in more than one place that people have to see an advertising message at least 7 times before they'll act.

    I had a weight loss site for over 3 years and it was a tough one. Lots of competition for that niche. I made most of my money on it through adsense. I made some affiliate sales but either didn't make the minimum to get a check before they "de-activated" my account or I just never got a check from them, period.

    The benefit of using article sites isn't just to get a link from ezinearticles. You can also get picked up by other website owners who put your articles in their newsletters and on their sites.

    There are other articles sites you can use. Check out and

    Hang in there. It usually takes a year to get your site off the ground. Keep adding content and don't give up.

    Hey, my name is Eunice.
    I've been an Internet Marketer since 2005.
    If you want to, you can connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. :-)
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      Hi Matt,

      well done for getting this far, its about taking action and learning on the way

      Firstly I do agree the home page doesnt really offer anything on first glance, I expect you have a high bounce rate. First off you need some traffic to start to understand your visitors.

      I like the layout of your reviews.

      OK, below is a few simple steps that should help you kick start your traffic:

      Get some links - 500 directory links - for top 3 keywords pointing to home page
      Get more links, blogs, social bookmarking, articles

      Use this for internal pages, in your case product review pages, not sure if you have any yet.

      Internal linking structure - link pages together with keyword anchor text

      You have no H1 tags on your home page

      titles - very spammy, use only the keyword for that page to start.

      Home page - no link to affiliate products only full review, give them the option

      Keyword research is key. If you go up against a keyword with over a Million competeing sites your going to lose. There are plently out there, look also at LSI keywords, and especially the product names. The keyword tools are all different, you have to use a little judgement.

      Articles in such a popular niche will soon disapear, because lots of people target the same main keywords. Be creative. Write lots of long tail articles, they may stick, product review articles, comparisons. Keep writing. Submit to other article directories for more links. Link to internal pages within resource box.

      Things take a little time, keep with it. Keep testing and making notes of what works. If you crack this one then you can crack anything.

      Best of luck

      ps. bistro md has a few searches, google says 189K competeing sites, but look at the front page - you can easily get on that
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  • Profile picture of the author Jared Alberghini
    The niche you are targeting is very competitive, so why not try a different direction?

    One word comes to mind: Diversify - Don't put all of your efforts into one basket...

    - Jared


    Join The Future: Telekinetic Marketing

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    Focus your site better.

    Figure out what you really want your visitors to do, and only gear your site towards that.

    Right now, you have a signup to a list, and reviews with affiliate links for people to read. Decide which one you would rather do, and totally focus your efforts in that realm.
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    1.Stick a wordpress blog beside it with plugins and post 200 - 300 word articles with optimized long tail headlines. Make sure each post links in to the most relevant review with a nice relevant anchor text.

    2.Open your affliliate links in a new window

    3.Use a lightbox script to get names for your report or highlight your best review

    4.Test a light background

    5. Use graphical links as well as text links

    6. Use bullet points in your review paragraphs


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      Originally Posted by James Schramko View Post

      1.Stick a wordpress blog beside it with plugins and post 200 - 300 word articles with optimized long tail headlines. Make sure each post links in to the most relevant review with a nice relevant anchor text.

      2.Open your affliliate links in a new window

      3.Use a lightbox script to get names for your report or highlight your best review

      4.Test a light background

      5. Use graphical links as well as text links

      6. Use bullet points in your review paragraphs


      Hi James, can you expand on points 1 and 3. I'm in a similar position to Matt. Thanks
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      • Profile picture of the author James Schramko
        Originally Posted by naonline View Post

        Hi James, can you expand on points 1 and 3. I'm in a similar position to Matt. Thanks
        Sure -

        1.Stick a wordpress blog beside your review site (if it is not already a wordpress site.)

        Crank it up with some plugins like RSS footer and all-in-one-seo and related posts and share this etc....

        Post 200 - 300 word articles that focus on one theme with optimized long tail headlines.

        Make sure each post links in to the most relevant review with a nice relevant anchor text. In other words, at the end of the post have a bolded hyperlink CALL TO ACTION linking to the most topic related review.

        This blog traffic system can be leveraged using RSS and pinging etc....

        3.Use a lightbox script to get names for your report or highlight your best review.

        This is where the page blacks out either after a few page views or by a timer or by page position etc... In the middle of the page is a clear offer of a report for name and email - OR a clear graphic and link to your mist lucrative offer.


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          Originally Posted by James Schramko View Post

          Sure -

          1.Stick a wordpress blog beside your review site (if it is not already a wordpress site.)

          Crank it up with some plugins like RSS footer and all-in-one-seo and related posts and share this etc....

          Post 200 - 300 word articles that focus on one theme with optimized long tail headlines.

          Make sure each post links in to the most relevant review with a nice relevant anchor text. In other words, at the end of the post have a bolded hyperlink CALL TO ACTION linking to the most topic related review.

          This blog traffic system can be leveraged using RSS and pinging etc....

          3.Use a lightbox script to get names for your report or highlight your best review.

          This is where the page blacks out either after a few page views or by a timer or by page position etc... In the middle of the page is a clear offer of a report for name and email - OR a clear graphic and link to your mist lucrative offer.


          Thanks James!
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    Hi Matt,

    1. You def. need to have better copy at your site. I was just there and all I see is too many products without any of their benefits.

    I'd make an opting page TOP priority because 99.99% of visitors will NOT buy the first time. But once you have their email, you can follow up with them overtime and build trust by giving sending them valuable content.

    2. I'd make a GREAT headline with the benefits clearly can also put an audio just reading the headline in the opting page. Test results show the increases opting %.

    3. Here's a Cool strategy to boost your traffic. I NEEDn't tell you that the diet market is CRAZY competetive if you want to rank in the first page of Googles organic page. But here's one way you can steal a spot in the first page. A. Find out wich pages rank on the first page of google for your keywords. B. Visit the sites and find out which one's do Adsense. C. USE SEO digger (cool free software) to find out which sites rank high for your keywords. D. do site targeted marketing in the google system to market your product in the sites that rank high.

    4. Honestly, work on your sites Copy 'cuz that's TOP priority. It doesn't matter if you get 100 or 1000 visitors if you can't convert them. Trust me, I've been writing copy for 8 years now and it's amazing how words make a HUGE difference on your site.

    Good luck

    I dreamed of this and Now it happened:

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  • Profile picture of the author SuzanneH
    Matt, I got your PM but I figured I'd answer most of it here, so it could help others.

    And again, this is just my opinion -- you've got to figure out what's right for you...

    One thing I was wondering, do you have an interest in weight loss/fitness? One thing I don't see on your site is something that makes it stand out from all the other sites in the niche. Do you work out? Is there something about *you* that you could bring into the site? Something to think about...

    When I started out, I had a strong interest in weight loss. One thing I noticed is that, at the time, fitness calculators were spread out on different websites and content on others. I wanted to bring that all together under one roof. That was the "me" that I brought to the site. (Luckily, I had a programming background!)

    And with all the hard work that makes a site great, one has to be damn sure to like it!

    I rarely start threads, but here's one I started that will give you access to a great report about being a weight loss affiliate (I'm in no way affiliated with the site):

    PLR-wise, Tiffany Dow has some excellent PLR:

    PLR Articles: By Tiffany Dow

    Wendy, another warrior (WritingMadWoman) has weight loss motivation PLR:

    Traffic-wise, you'll find tons of methods on the forum. I've been really lucky in that my calculators brought in traffic and I just built from there. But make no mistake, it was a slow process. I had no money for advertising, PPC, etc.

    You can also put up articles from weight loss publishers like:

    Tom Venuto had a great idea on his site about setting up the articles (can't find it now), but it was basically set up the articles as if they were coming from experts (which these people are). In other words, don't present the product, present the experts. (It's early;I feel like I'm not explaining myself well! LOL!)

    Oh, I just found it:

    Now, some people may say, "Yeah, but everybody's got these articles up." And, yes, they probably do. But it doesn't matter. It adds content to your site, it lets the search engines know what your site's about and it'll help with long tail keywords. You want people sticking around your site, so you've got to give them a reason...

    With Burn the Fat, my best converting articles are: (This is the sales letter.)

    And, of course, adding original content helps tremendously. That's why I asked if you had a personal interest in this niche. If you've lost weight or gained muscle or maintain a "fine figure" - - that's something you could write/blog about.

    Anyway, I know you started off with the conduit method. It's a good method, but it's not the only one out there. I just find, in my experience, that using different methods on a site works (if you're going for a content/authority site). That's just my opinion, folks! Your mileage may vary!

    Again, you need to do what's right for you. Hope this helps though!

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    P.S. And here's a must-read ebook (free), IMHO:

    Make Your Content PREsell!


    The Netwriting Masters Course

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  • Profile picture of the author Matt Hoey
    I'm not long got home from work - I work part time for Jobcentreplus (UK Civil Service).

    Maybe my luck will not be so bad afterall as my first website Call of Duty 4 Tips - Call of Duty 4 Xbox Tips Tricks Guides FAQs Perks Achievements Multiplayer Strategies - gets a lot of traffic and i'm currently negotiating directly with the team who are bringing a new product onto the market called "FPS Freek" so i can promote it on my front page.

    I'm going to take some time to digest all your amazing feedback and see what i can do.
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  • Profile picture of the author Matt Hoey
    I've removed the opt in and placed a more compelling headline which gives the page more purpose. What do you think?

    Unfortunately i don't have a template for this particular website so i'm going to have to set one up now ad read each page which in the long run will save time.

    Then i can start adding more content related to the diets.
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    • Profile picture of the author rperales

      ..I have no use for this..



      I would suggest to use is as a free report using a splash page.


      Have you ever notice that when need to fix something, put something
      together, etc..we need first to deisgn in our minds how we plan on
      doing it?

      Same thing with our body..we all have that kid within us to makes eat
      all the forbiddin foods, munchies, etc...under the same token, we need
      to do it with our body..

      I was disable for about a year and was not suppose to walk ever, I'm
      walking using the same way I describ above..Mind you, I
      had to educate myself first so I would know what what's etc..but I surprise though I'm good at stuff like that..Heck, I wasn't suppose
      to live longer than 6 weeks..yeah right..that was a year ago more or less..

      We gotta prepared the mind first by either way knowing and/or learning
      what we need to know..and that goes to succeed also..etc..

      Help yourself to those reports and feel free to edit them any way you want
      or use them as is...I wish you the best of success..really!


      Reynaldo Perales

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      • Profile picture of the author jbsmith
        Hey Matt, great to see you took my suggestion and posted your current model - this helps us a great deal to make constructive recommendations.

        Ok, here goes...

        1. People online search to find a certain outcome...that means they are seeking a solution to a problem, and they are looking for information that will help them achieve that outcome. It's ok to review programs, but there has to be more emphasis on the results. For instance, can you organize your reviews by category (muscle building, weight loss in the 10lb category, rapid weight loss, body toning, etc...)

        If you can get inside the mind of those who go online looking for solutions to specific problems that will help you understand better how to organize your site.

        Then you can organize the site - Muscle Building - Weight Loss Programs, and so you are highlighting the desired outcome, then match that with a good review optimized for the sub-category (HINT: search carefully in the keywords to find these sub-niches within weight loss, diet, nutrition, etc...

        2. You could be doing allot to drive people to your review site such as one or more blogs that post daily (at least) on topics of interest to those seeking diet information - we spend a great deal of time with our clients organizing a blog content campaign - this can easily take your daily visitors from 10 to over 100 by itself.

        3. I would consider some form of user-generated feedback mechanism off your main domain to allow users to comment on the different diets - this could be a Wordpress Plugin, a forum, etc... You are in an area where you could capture user experiences which would generate a TON of free content for you and really put your site on the map.

        4. Consider wrapping some of your information into a report each month. For example, take a few reviews each month and convert them into a PDF - not only will this provide an incentive to signups/list-building, but after a few months you'll have enough for a full-blown ebook or info product that you can either promote, giveaway or enhance with other information to sell.

        Lots of potential. My main recommendation is to stop looking at any one tactical program or technique and put your own thought into who the people are that are searching for information in this marketplace, what do they want, what motivates them, what keywords would they use and why and how can you capture them in other ways then expose them to your review site.

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  • Profile picture of the author richpeck
    That's no business model...

    You've got what I was suffering from a few months ago - information & opportunity overload... which basically means you're chopping and changing everything without giving it a chance to work.

    A business is an entity which has assets. The bigger the assets, the bigger the business (power of leverage).

    The conduit method is alright but if you don't hit the nail on the head every time, you're not going to see much return because the asset you're building (the site) isn't big enough to give you any further opportunities.

    You either need to be building a list off the site or you need to be expanding that site so it's got a lot of traffic, etc.

    If I were you - I'd quit that site & linkvana... and then find a big niche where you can write plenty of content. Then build an email list with Aweber.
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    • Profile picture of the author ItsMoneytime
      Just my opinion but, I think you should try to come across to people on a more personal level. Put confidence in your product, actas if you were the customer. What would you be looking for in the product. But avoid hype, people see right through it. Don't be afraid to add a little personality in there too! Good Luck!

      Discover How to Harness the Power of the Internet and Make a Fortune!

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