Do You Use Facebook Ads and What Do You Find Sells?

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Facebook now with 500 millions users is not to be ignored by marketers, they do allow advertising on there - at a price - comparable to Adwords.

Which do you prefer Adwords or Facebook?

If you use Facebook advertising how successful is it and what type of products do you successfully sell on there?
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    I dropped advertising on FB long ago. Not that it can't work, but there are very few products that will actually sell on FB.

    My opinion is that people on FB are not in the buying mood. They are there to meet up with friends and see what everyone else is up to.

    Very hard crowd to sell to, IMHO.
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    Hi Tony,

    I only do fb advertising now. Google is too strict on most things. G is google for physical products and local services, otherwise it kind of sucks.

    FB works better for most business if done right way.

    Facebook Advertiser - Learn how to advertise on facebook using their ads platform (Free)
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    Am thinking on advertising on Facebook, just don't know how to do it effectively. Anyone kind to share his or her experience?

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    After having failed at Facebook advertising previously, I gave it another go recently (with a voucher). I saw some potential and it did make some money, however the profits were on the minimal side.

    The problem with Facebook advertising is unlike Adwords, it isn't really that targeted (unless you want it to be!). YOU CAN target people on their birthdays, why not try something that would attract people in that way?

    If you're smart in what you're doing you'll find ways to get targeted traffic. However, what sets it aside from Adwords is people on Facebook are just catching up with friends, having some fun, etc. They aren't looking for information, or trying to buy something and so, your traffic may not convert, may not attract anyone.

    Adwords however is extremely targeted, people ARE looking for what you're advertising. For that reason, I'd say Adwords would be the higher converting of the two. I'm sure people are making good money with Facebook advertising however, you just need to find what works - test, test and test!
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    totally agree, dont waist money on fb ads. seo your website and use web 2.0 methods and make sure your website is appealing.
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    Interesting comments.

    I wonder why Facebook prices are similar to Adwords when they surely know they are not as effective?

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    mate, with facebook, you need to think differently to search. It is more about the target market.

    As for above comment with regards to targeting you need to know how to use all the features to target a specific group and make money from them. The key is using keywords targeted ads for really specific stuff.

    I can tell you this much, a lot of people are banking 4-5 figures every day from fb ads.

    Yeah you can also do seo for sites etc but with facebook having 500million users, not using them is silly.

    Watch the above videos I have put and you will surely see results.
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    I've had a great deal of success marketing local services and products. We also do really well getting optins for targeted list (not as cheap as wit adwords however)

    Want to see How I'm running a Multimillion dollar online business from a backpack? Follow my journey here.
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    Yeah in order to be successful with Facebook, you actually have to know like real marketing and demographics and all that hard stuff.
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      Originally Posted by MichaelHiles View Post

      Yeah in order to be successful with Facebook, you actually have to know like real marketing and demographics and all that hard stuff.
      I had a good laugh with that one Michael...

      Blindly saying that must be the place to be because there is 500 Million people there, is like picking a JV partner solely on the size of their list.

      If it doesn't match the customer, the offer is worthless.

      Targeting is key on Facebook. In reality, according to the ad center there are 118+ million people 18 and older in the US. I am not saying you can't market to other countries, but realize 500 Million isn't all active accounts either.

      Those of you that say it doesn't work, you are absolutely right, stay away from it. It won't work for you.

      Those of you that say it does work, you are absolutely right too...

      As you can see in other threads, Michael is spending a boatload of cash on FB for customers in a true direct response, club them on the head and drag them to your cave manner. Others, like myself are taking the kinder, gentler, wuss approach and that is working for what we want as well.

      I can tell you it didn't work for me at first, but like Michael mentioned, I went back to the real marketing and targeting the right demographics with the right message and it has produced results at costs less than google has for us in several years.

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        Is there a warrior who specializes in targeting demographics for facebook ads?

        Internet Sweetie

        Freedom from the 9 to 5 can be so sweet.

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    I have not had much success with Facebook ads
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      I sell some of my software products on Facebook.

      I really don't understand some of these answers like not bothering with Facebook.
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    Tight niches do well on FB ads. I am killing it with a vegan cookbook by advertising to the people who are vegan or affiliated with various animal rights groups.

    Making $3-$4 for every dollar spent
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    I've been curious just how successful others have been with facebook. Thanks for the advice guys!
    I've written my first article, please pass it on & advice is appreciated :)
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    I also did well selling an outsourcing ebook to people who liked "4 hour work week" and "Tim Ferriss". Targeting age groups was crucial for that campaign though. Some age groups converted while other didn't.
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