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Hi all, I have been reading the WF for a while now, and really appreciate all the info on here.

I was wondering if there are other people on here who are just beginning or are stuck, or need a kick up **** to get going, who might like to get together online and help each other out.

Ideas, support, etc

I understand it could be like the blind leading the blind! But I know I have gathered a fair amount of knowledge over the last 12 months that might be helpful.

I will say upfront that to-date I have not made a lot of money but that's because I find it hard to focus on one area and get lost in all the info I have collected, running in circles.

So I am just testing the water and checking whether anyone else would find it helpful.

I realise that is what the WF is for, but I was thinking of making it a small group of say 10 - 20 people who meet once a week or what ever suits everyone, online, we could focus on one type of marketing for say 3 - 6 months at a time, get that going and then move on to try something else, we could keep simple online charts etc. There would be no money involved other than what you need to spend yourself for hosting etc.

Hope this is alright to post on here.

If you are interested please post below.

I only ask that if you put your name down to do it, that you are serious about it and will commit the time to it.

I work 12hr night shifts 4 days a week and have a family and elderly father to look after and I am determined to do this. So decide if you can give it what it needs and if you can than please feel free to post below.

I am here till Sunday then away for a week, so if I don't get back to you please be patient. I only get one holiday a year!

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    Thanks for this great suggestion... When you say "meet up" you mean a face to face meeting?
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    Hey great suggestion as well, I'm as new as they come and would be interested in this. Thanks for posting!
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      No I don't mean meet in person, although I would love a trip around the world!

      Just online, could use IM or some thing like that, I would have to look into what would be the best program to use.
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    You're talking about a Mastermind group for a guess.

    You could do this on skype with a selection of people. I belong to one and it can be very effective

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      Hi Jacqui

      Sounds like a great idea. i joined up a couple of months ago as a complete newbie.
      I've hit the forum like a kid in a big big sweet shop and have made what i guess is the classic newbie mistake of jumping from one thing to another and getting overwhelmed with so much info, that i'm struggling to focus on one thing at a time.

      Having a peer group to keep each other in line could be very effective.

      Thanks for the suggestion, i'd be interested.

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        I would love to get involved with a group like that, as long as the marketing strategies applied to me... and were "white-hat" strategies. I think focus groups would be a great idea, and I am currently trying to devote at least 2 hours a day on a new tactic to market my website - this is very difficult to do after about day three.

        Let me know if something like this is going to happen - I'll strongly consider joining up.

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    You know, there probably are local groups on meetup.com in your area that you'd like.
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    Great idea. I would love to be involved in a newbie group. I also hope to start a group of my own once I am more experienced and successful with IM. I think it could be a great idea to have a group that is not only newbies but experienced people as well. It could be a group who pays it forward by helping those just starting out get to a point where they can then in turn do the same. Sort of a "Marketers Chain" I like to call it. Maybe Im crazy but I always have hoped to one day get to the point where I could help others either starting over like me or just desperate to escape the 9-5. I'm driven, motivated and most importantly I refuse to take no for an answer. So many people act like this is just a dream including my family. They think I'm nuts as a single Mother. This has not only made me want it much more, but it's made me realize I've found my calling in life. Plus I'd be lying if I said proving the naysayers wrong won't be close to the top of my list for why I'm chasing this dream so hard. After achieving sobriety and escaping domestic violence years ago it's been so challenging to get all those bridges built back up that I've burned in the past.

    Sorry to take over with such a long rambling post but I guess you can say when it comes to the topic of helping others I feel the need to explain why I'm so passionate. Thanks so much for posting such a wonderful idea and if you need any help with forming a group I'm more than willing!
    I've written my first article, please pass it on & advice is appreciated :)
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    Hi Nichechic

    You think like me! I have been thinking about this for a little while.

    I guess partly for selfish reasons being

    I would be accountable to someone else so I would need to work at it, (A bit like going to weight watchers I guess)

    I enjoy helping others.

    I might learn new things and ideas. I don't think it matters if you have been doing it years or just starting a good idea is a good idea and anyone can have them.

    It would be nice to talk to people who don't say...

    Your mad it won't work
    Don't waste your time do something useful
    If it worked everyone would be doing it!!
    I don't know anyone who's made money doing that , its all a scam

    That's just some of the comments I get and then I also get the sad looks and the sarcastic laughs. So I don't tell people any more, it can make for a bit of a lonely experience.

    We all have different skills and could share them with each other, that's why I would try to make it an invitation only gathering once it was going, so people don't just join get what they can and go. It should be a place to give and take.

    We shall see...

    I don't know how much interest there will be in the idea yet. But I will keep checking back.

    Thanks for commenting

    Best wishes
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    Yes, let me know also, I'll strongly consider joining up.

    Thanks and all the best to you all!
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    Hi hazel0513,

    Nice to here from you. I will add you to my list and get back to you.

    I am looking at making some videos, downloadable pdf etc for the group if we get going.

    Have decided to build a website with a password for members and have a forum on it. That way we can access other stuff and if anyone has anything they want put on the website for others to see or use I can do that as well.

    Just a reminder that I don't want any money for doing this, just company on this crazy journey.
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    What are you looking to learn?
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    one suggestion:

    dont waste your time on forums until you are making a steady flow of income from internet marketering.

    forums will distract and waste tons of time you could be spending on worthwhile projects
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      Originally Posted by Dalun View Post

      one suggestion:

      dont waste your time on forums until you are making a steady flow of income from internet marketering.

      forums will distract and waste tons of time you could be spending on worthwhile projects

      I am not 100% agree with this...

      I think forum is a good place to share opinions and ideas especially when you just get started. And that's the place where you get motivation from your peers (for example in this case, Jacqui took the initiative to build our own inner circle.) It's easier to move on when you know there are people have similar thinking with you, appreciate and value your goals and dreams, to give you a hand when you need more courages to hang in there.

      BUT... I guess I get the message that you want to pass...

      Before you are making any significant amount of money, forum can be a main source to get you distracted from you true focus. You might easily get influnced by some other people, especially those who like to spam and throw their affiliate links around in the discussion. You might jump from one opportunity to another, looking forward people to offer you the "push button" solution, or buy the next WSO and hope that it will be something that really change your life...

      How I restrict myself is to limit the time I spend at any forum. Perhaps one hour, just to check any update to my post, give any help that within my knowledges and experiences. Then, move on to my project then...

      It also depends on what you want to get from your niche forum - get more target traffic? source for new idea? know your market well? etc...

      Seriously no offence. Thanks for sharing your opinion here...
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        Hi Jacqui

        Id love to join up with you, im already part of a group doing the ed dale challenge, but im determined that this will be the year i finally make some decent money on line and its great to have like minded people to bounce ideas off.
        I have made some money on line but nothing exciting.
        I live near Portsmouth but i do have skype


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    I plan on starting at the beginning or what ever people need to know. Hard to say really but these are some of my ideas..

    Affiliate Marketing to cover

    Review sites
    conduite sites
    Making Video
    Building website/ wordpress
    Making Products to sell
    Cloaking links
    Writing Articles

    I don't pretend I know everything about these subjects but I know a reasonable amount and anything I don't know I will find out or may be one of the members may know.

    I have been building websites for years so I am ok on that. I also have a number of affiliate sites up now. There are all sorts of other bits and pieces I personally know. But as I said at the beginning of this post I am no expert, I to am learning.

    Thats what its all about learning together.

    I wouldn't be on it constantly as I, like everyone else would be using the information to build an on line business.

    Hope this helps

    Best wishes

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      Originally Posted by jacolden View Post

      I plan on starting at the beginning or what ever people need to know. Hard to say really but these are some of my ideas..

      Affiliate Marketing to cover

      Review sites
      conduite sites
      Making Video
      Building website/ wordpress
      Making Products to sell
      Cloaking links
      Writing Articles
      Maybe I can cut some of this down a bit for you.

      You know, you don't need to know all these things to make income. You can look up quick definitions of these things to see if they fit into your marketing plan, but ultimately you need to decide on a niche for your overall business plan first. Then you decide the best way to monetize on that particular niche, and then it becomes very clear what things you will actually need to learn about first.

      For example, I don't know diddly squat about graphics. Only enough to modify a graphic if I need to - but I let others create graphics. Learning too much about some of these things will slow you down greatly unless they are necessary to your niche (ie graphic designer)

      Decide on a niche or area of expertise you want to follow first. Stay away from "selling the shovels" until you've use a few of them first.

      Pick your niche, define the best way to monetize on it, and go.

      You know, you may not need a website even.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Hi Jill

    Thanks for the comments, I was really meaning that they are areas we can cover if people want to know about them, more than you need to know all that. Your right that we would never get anywhere if we stopped to learn all that first.

    My personal idea would be to find a niche, decide how people want to approach it and do it as a team. Each have our own site etc but input ideas together.

    One project at a time, learn that,market it, try different approaches, see what works, make some money then move on to a new project.

    If the previous one is working then each person can continue to develop that one, rinse and repeat it and start to learn a new method at the same time.

    If it was working for a couple of people but not the rest we could look at what others are doing and find the problems.

    I appreciate your comments

    Thanks Jacqui
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    Am in,am new to the forums but have some months running on IM,i think we can achieve great deal of things.
    Btw send me your email/instant messenger account,cause i need 50 posts ,lets not waste time.
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    Hi GeorgeQ

    I have to get a Im account. Haven't got around to it yet. I am on facebook if you want to find me there. I am new to that as well so bare with me. I am away tomorrow for a week but will be on and off the computer if I can find some wifi.
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      Hi Jacqui

      I would love to join in, I myself am quite new to IM and my heads in a spin
      with info overload. I need to focus and get my act together.
      Sharing ideas,maybe a bit of motivation will go a long way so to speak.
      Look forward to reading more in this thread.



      Also from Yorks
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    I personally like the idea of a focus group even done as a forum. Mainly because you cant get distracted because you are all doing roughly the same thing and there for the focus will be sharpened.

    Its so easy to get pulled from thing to thing especially on a forum like WF. It is so full of information that it can stop you doing anything.

    I know this from personal experience and I have to deliberately stay away from the WSO or I would be broke.

    I have learnt not to believe everything I read anymore, but when I started it was a different thing. If you could see the junk I have on my computer and the money I spent.

    If as a group we can save ourselves from doing anymore of this we can spend more time making money rather than giving it to someone else!!

    Just a thought
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    Im in . Working on my first site and everything is so confusing.
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    Id like to jump in if this ever goes into full motion.
    I will be your Digital Assistance for cheap.PM me.
    I can help relieve your work load.Pm me

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    You will be very welcome. I will endeavour to get this up and ready to go in about 2 weeks as I am on holiday for a week. I will add you to the list and get back to you.

    Best wishes
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    look forward to learning and contributing on WF!

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      This is something i would most definitely be interested in.
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