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Help me understand the best way to set this up.

If I'm targeting a niche with ten related key phrases using 50 articles posted at various sites, do I funnel those article backlinks to a single squeeze page, or is it a squeeze page per keyphrase?

For example, if I'm selling a fitness program - my keyphrases are things like, lose weight, excercise programs, easy diet, etc. (just an example) and I want to give them a free meal planner as the giveaway, then follow up with an email to sell them the program.

Is the squeeze page just a place to collect their email address in exchange for a free giveaway? Does that squeeze page also have a sales pitch for selling the product as well?

Where do the sales pages live? Is it better to have a domain just for squeeze page(s) and then another domain for the actual product sales page? I don't want someone to hit a squeeze page on a domain and be distracted by anything else, so I'm inclined to think that the squeeze page is the home page for the domain its on.

Doing this for the first time and want to do it right. What are the right and wrong ways to do this? Common pitfalls?
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