How long it took for your first sale?

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Started a blog recently and now I am getting 100-200 visits.

Nothing from clickbank yet.

How long did it take you to get your first sale? What was your traffic like?
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    Took me 5 months.

    No kidding. I was a total train wreck when I first started, which just proves
    that if I can be successful...anybody can.
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      Originally Posted by Steven Wagenheim View Post

      Took me 5 months.

      No kidding. I was a total train wreck when I first started, which just proves
      that if I can be successful...anybody can.
      Five months? great

      I'll give myself at most 5 months then :-)
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    About 4 weeks.

    Affiliate sales still not great.

    I now sell my own products and do much better with them
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    I havent seen any through affiliate sites, but with cash gifting....about 3 weeks. I think the first sale is the toughest one to get. After that you know what you did to get that, do it again, and again, and again. Now add something to it. Take out what does not work. And focus on what does.

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    Oh I'd say about a week for my first sale, but that was quite some time ago.

    It seems like you're getting fairly good traffic for just starting it. What else are you doing besides posting to the blog?

    Most of the money I make from blogs stem from doing specific things. Here lately, good solid revews of a product brings in a good bit. I run people to my blogs thru article marketing, so they can see the reviews.

    Have you tried this strategy yet?

    Plus, you have to remember that ClickBank doesn't pay right away. I can't remember how often, but it's like once a month or every 2 weeks.

    Hope this helps ...

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    Hmm.. I got mine the day after I started... but that was in '04 when PPC was easy. Sure was exhilarating though!
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    I got my first sale within the first 2 months. I was so excited! They never paid me, though. Even after multiple emails, I never got paid. Now that was sad!

    I'm still at it, though. Never, never give up! :-)
    Hey, my name is Eunice.
    I've been an Internet Marketer since 2005.
    If you want to, you can connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. :-)
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    I had a Clickbank account for over 2 years before I made a sale. I was playing at how to make money on the Internet back then. I was promoting crap products (I didn't know that though) and I had no idea how to drive targeted traffic. When I decided to do IM seriously I spent a whole year trying all sorts of things that didn't work before I finaly made that first sale.

    The first sale is a big motivator and an indicator of the way forward. Once something works you can set about doing it again and again but before that first sale I didn't know which way was up.

    Please visit my blog and if you have an interest in electronics then please join me at Home DIY Electronics
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      My first sale of my "own" product took about 4 days.. my first sale for an affiliate product took weeks and weeks.

      The reason why? I was willing to pay for advertising for my own products but not for affiliate products.
      Did you know that you can use Public Domain content for articles, blog posts, products, free reports and more? Debra's Public Domain Treasure Hunter blog can show you how....

      Ordinary Baby Boomer making money from home - Debra Conrad blog.
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    I got my first 2 sales on my fourth day using only article marketing.

    I still hesitate to buy traffic free methods done right are very effective

    I generated 500 visitors my first month which resulted in 7 sales and 420 dollars
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      There is hope for me afterall!
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    Been at this for couple of months and although have added some subscribers have not made any money, but am willing to go for the long haul.

    Hopefully some sales will come before 5 months is up.
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    Just don't give up! No matter how long it takes, always depending on many factors...

    What you should look into your blog is:
    1. Where is your traffic source?
    2. Do you have regular visitor or when you check Google analytic, always 90% is new?
    3. Did you collect email, build your list? Building a list and use email to communicate and build relationship is important for blog to profit. You should research your niche for more problems => solutions, create a simple report for your list and use those problems and solutions in your email to expand what is not in your report. After 10 days or so, you can start promoting affiliate product, works great!
    4. What is your keywords to get search engine traffic? if they don't stay, did you do anything to optimize your page?
    5. Do you have many "buying keywords"? purchase, buy, discount, coupon, special deal, special price, "brand name"...

    Always track your visitors' click, see if they click through or just leave, find your site problem and improve it!

    You will be successful...very soon!

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