How much is too much for a turnkey site???

by mreyn
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I'm comparing different turnkey sites. Even though some look really nice, the niches are far too broad. I'm brand new to all this so I'm trying to start, but I want to start the right way. I've found some sites turnkey , rank on first page of google, use livechat, and adsense. What price would be right for this??

I'd prefer to have a site that uses clickbank, cj, regnow..etc.
IF you know of any good turnkey autopilot high quality limited quantity very niche sites, I would appreciate the information. I've been reading alot of what to look for..but more of that would be appreciated also.

For a niche like golf, etc., that's very broad, would the site even have a chance with so much competition of ranking??

Thanks for the info!
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    It really depends on what the site does for you. I have sold turnkey sites for $2,000 each and sold quite a few back in my early days of slaving. And they were worth it. Today, those same type of sites go for around $50, but there are still many sites in that $2k or more price range.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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    I'm looking at different sites for sale, and although I like the way some are put together and look with lots of content, they are not limited to any amount. Some others limit the amount of sales to 25 or 30 people. So, is it an absolute no- no to buy a site that is being sold unlimited times?

    What about the niches? Although the sites do target huge and indemand niche, they are very broad and general and not sure if they would be lost in all the competition.
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    turnkey sites are a waste of time and investments

    if the same site is being sold to many people, then that will make it utterly useless.

    if google sees 1000 of the same exact site going for the same niche, then its banhammer time
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