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Hey guys!

Does anyone have any suggestions on books, videos, people with some really good advice on managing a list.


-When to email
-When to email pure content or tips and when to email affiliate promos
-How many emails to set up in Aweber to get goin.... I keep seeing the number 52 thrown around

Anything would be cool! Just want to do it right


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    In fact, there is no fix rules...

    However, there are some guidelines you can follow & keep in mind...

    Bottom line is: "Always Add REAL Values to your subscribers"

    With this idea in your mind, you will see the following guideline make sense...

    -When to email
    You can email them every 3 to 4 days. (must make sure you are giving them good contents)

    -When to email pure content or tips and when to email affiliate promos
    80% of your email should be of real content without promotion.... 20% is promotions
    (among 10 emails, 8 are content based email & 2 are emails with promo)

    -How many emails to set up in Aweber to get goin.... I keep seeing the number 52 thrown around
    Of course, as many as you possibly can. Keep it going. Initially, you can always start with 7 to 10 emails.

    Best Regards,
    Kishore M

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    I'd love to see some tested strategies on this topic.

    Obviously, everyone has an opinion about how often to mail, how often to promote etc. but actual test results are hard to come by...
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    Troy McDonald has been tested and proven when it comes to listbuilding. You might want to check him and his services out (no aff):

    List Building Subscription Co-Op Co-Registration for Internet Marketers!!
    Follow me on my 90 Day Challenge to rank no. 1 on Google
    Connect with me at:
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    For my autoresponder series (I use MailPush), I put in only content and if there are any links in the series, it would be to pages on my own website. Of course, a good portion of those pages that I link to would have promotions on them.

    When I want to promote something, I use campaigns. This is specially true when what I am promoting is time-sensitive, like the launch of our very own AffiloJetpack
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      Great stuff guys! Thanks!

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    Try to provide value to them that's the key with list building to provide value and build a trust factor between your list and you. So when you actually do send them a promotion that they'll trust you.

    It's also important to pick your promotions carefully and ensure it's actually of value to them as not to hurt the trust you've build with them. With my list I only send out one or two promotional item each month or less. I know that isn't the standard but I try to focus my list of quality and value.

    Also as to the frequency of broadcast you want enough so they don't forget who you are but not so often that they find you a spammer.

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    there are 2 products that cover this:

    1. Frank Kern's List Control-sold out
    2. Affiliate Millionaire-sold out

    I bought both of those and they pretty much
    give you an exact blueprint of how to manage your list.

    Sadly, both of them sold out, so you can't by 'em,
    but maybe we can work something out...PM me.

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    will be checking those links out thanks!
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    Thanks for the information guys
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    Email marketing campaigns are becoming more and more popular and for a very good reason, they work. I can literally go to sleep and in the morning I can wake up to a fresh lot of orders from my regular customers that are on my mailing lists. This is the best kind of automated income that you can find and is very successful at the same time. The sooner you build a email list the sooner you can be earning money from it whilst you have fun spending it!
    You can get the answers to your questions and more from Email Marketing | The Samantha Milner Blog. I hope it helps.
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