Reselling licenses - how?

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Hey guys,

I've a membership site that I want to allow resellers access to. Basically what I have in mind is for example, the reseller purchases the rights to resell up to XX number of memberships to my already existing site. Then they can set their own price point, or even give it away free. All they need to pay me is a monthly fee for this reseller's license.

Preferably, if the reseller is charging for access, I want the subscriber's payment to automatically go right into the reseller's Paypal account, thereby bypassing any need for me to send out commissions. I'm sure the reseller will like the instant nature of these payments as well.

If the reseller terminates their license, their subscribers should all lose access to my membership site. This auto-termination feature will be nice to have, but not an absolute necessity.

I am a current owner of both Fantasos (JVM2) and RAP (Rapid Affiliate Profits). Can either of these softwares I already own do what I want?

If not, does anyone have any software recommendations?

Thanks in advance for any help offered, Warriors!

~ Sirius
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