WSO Area Updates? - What do you recommend?

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I've noticed wso's aren't staying on the front page as long anymore and the front page is very long, almost a little overwhelming. Of course this could just be me, but I was wondering...

1. Who thinks it would be a good idea to split the WSO section into services and products? 1 wso area for services, 1 for products?

2. Wouldn't it be nice if at the top of the forum there was a streaming update of all front page wso's randomly, even the top couple of pages? Seems like that would boost sales for everyone and people would find things they didn't realize they NEEDED I'm thinking just a line or two..

3. An rss feed of keywords to subscribe to. Meaning you choose you want wso's with plr in them and you get a feed of those wso's

Of course, there doesn't need to be any updates, just a few things I thought of...
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