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The ebook I am putting the finishing touches on is about dog training.

There is a lot of products online that I use and would like to recommend them in my book but the companies sell hard products not downloadables. I am sure I can get with the manufacturers and get a discounted rate but I would like to find a way to get a cut of the sale.

Is there a way to refer them from my ebook to the site or product and have a piece of affiliate tracking code to get credit for the sale?

Has anyone tried this before or knows of a service that can do that?
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    They'd really have to start some sort of affiliate tracking program, if they don't have it - even as a non digital item - it would be hard for you to get the $$ - also to track it - I did one 'manual' type referral over to a company (they'd give a 'codeword' to get the special discount that was pre-arranged with the company and my company) and gave up after a while as there was no way to track results effectively or if they made 1 sale or 100...

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      I sell a real book, of course you cannot click on links in it, so an up front deal for "mentions & directions" or even regular advertising is the only way to go.

      You could do a similar thing and solicit adverts for your ebook, you might not earn as much but you will get it up front. And with an Ebook as opposed to a real book, you can keep on touting for advertisers because they can be easily added to the book at any time.
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    A lot of the bigger companies have affiliate programs with commission junction and offer 10% - 15% on sales - its not much because the profit margin on a physical product isn't the same as a virtual one.

    I would signup with CJ - Commission Junction and apply to promote the products related to your book.

    Instead of putting the affiliate link in your book I would register domains that are catchy and have those domains redirect to your affiliate link

    You post the domains in the ebook (not the affiliate link) If you need to change advertiser - no big deal - you change the redirect link. The link in the ebook continues to work (it may show a different product but atleast it won't be a dead link)

    The alternative to that would be to host the affiiate "products" (perhaps reviews) / affilalite links on your own web site and have links in your ebook to your web page that contains the appropriate affiliate offer.

    Once again you don't run the risk of dead links on in the ebook book because you control the web page.

    PLUS use jame58rown idea and sell display ads in your ebook. That one might be difficult because you would have to prove circulation / sales and show some type of track record. With a physical book like he has its a little easier to sell the ad spot because you can say XXX number of books will be printed and because its a physical book it lends more credibility.

    Hope that helps

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