Paypal users/Freelancers - This will save you a lot!

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Hello Warriors,

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Here is what I want to share. I was surprised when it hit me that not many people you this simple technique while using Paypal.

Most of us have Paypal Premium or Business account. What this means is, we have to pay transaction fee every time we "Receive" money. This cannot be eliminated, but can surely be minimized!!!

Paypal Mass Payment it is!
The maximum charge for a transaction is $1... I have got payments of $500 where I would be charge around $20 as transaction charge.. to me, $1 charge is nothing compared to this..

How to do it?

Here are the steps to sending Mass Payments via Paypal.

1) Click the "Make a Mass Payment" link.

2) Upload the Text File that we gave you.

The text file basically contains payment information in the following format

Email Amount Currency Comments

Here is how the text file will look

They are seperated by TAB. You just need to change the values in the TXT file to the amount to be paid and then Upload the TEXT File. You are basically charged a max of 1$ per Masspay transaction.

3) Once you are done. Hit Review

4) Have a look at the payment that is to be sent, once everything is fine, Hit Submit.

This would help a lot of freelancers who get paid via Paypal. Also, it would help the Marketers who outsource a lot, to get into a good relation with the outsourcers by doing this simple extra step while making the payment.
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    Warriors, you can use this thread as reference for telling others about this Mass Payment facility.
    I am attaching the sample text file for your reference.

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    It's really working?
    Because its looks like a bug in the paypal system,
    I need to give this text file to a person who pays me?

    And its legal?
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      yes it works.. The person paying you can generate the txt file himself or use the one that you give.. it all depends on the person to be honest
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