How To Massively Improve Your Launches and Time Based Events! For Free!

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Hi Guys,

I just got an email not that long ago by a
fairly respected member of the Internet Marketing

It was for a Webinar that is being held tonight.

And it had a very important element left out
of the email and that is the time for international

You see...because I am from Australia I need to go
onto another website to calculate what the time will
be in my country.

And I hate doing that...I think its a pain in the ass
and because of my lazyness I tend to not even bother.

So please take this word of advice...if you are holding
an event that is time and date based...please include
a link to to the meeting planner or something from

Then all the list subscriber has to do is click on the
link and no matter where in the world...they can see
what time the event is being held in their own time.

This will in my opinion...greatly improve the amount
of people contributing to your event.

Take Care,

Michael Silvester
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    Yes you're right, good idea Michael

    ...even us beer skulling, kangaroo loving Aussies need some help converting the time.

    I don't know why
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    Hey Michael,

    Great tip! That's one of those that could easily go unnoticed without making mention of it.

    Always enjoy a post from the veteran warriors like yourself.

    Glad I caught it and thanks.
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    • Profile picture of the author Michael Silvester
      Originally Posted by Ernie Lonardo View Post

      Yes you're right, good idea Michael

      kangaroo loving.
      ???? Is that what you do over that side of Australia?

      Originally Posted by DougBarger View Post

      veteran warriors like yourself
      Veteran...Well I do feel 100 years old at times

      Take Care,

      Michael SIlvester
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        Great Tip Michael,

        I use a world clock on one of my forums to help members know the proper
        time for meetings.

        I will also add the link you suggested so to help in case they need it.

        Have a Great Day!
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      • Profile picture of the author Ernie Lo
        We do many...many things in Adelaide....mwahaha

        Originally Posted by Michael Silvester View Post

        ???? Is that what you do over that side of Australia?

        Michael SIlvester
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    Great idea. I think putting a link on the event site with the actual time zone clock would be great for others. I'm going to explore how best to do this. Thanks.
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