Who are the Internet Entrepreneurs that inspire you the most?

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Hi fellow warriors,

I am an absolute junkie of Internet success stories. Legitimate success stories produce so much inspiration, that it is impossible to remain the same after having read or seen some of these stories.

What makes these success stories so inspirational is that 99.999% of all these now called "successful entrepreneurs", where regular folks like you and I. They were probably sitting infront of their computers like you may be doing right now. The mountains of challenges were just as high as the ones you currently face today (bills, debt, time, money,family etc...)
Nevertheless, they chose to pursue their dream and pay the indispensable price that was needed to help them attain their objective.

I love how their characters are developed in the process, I like seeing how they all of a sudden realize their potential as they journey forward, and last, but not least I certainly love reading about their income levels and the lifestyles they have been able to produce for themselves.

Many of you may know silent and discreet 6 and 7-figure earners that we may have never heard about.

So, how about sharing your favorite success story. Tell us the who your favorite Internet success story is, and why. If there is more than one, then please don't let me stop you!

You don't have to limit it to warrior forum members or alumni, there really are no limitations. Doesn't matter if they are in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, the oceanic or wherever. An Internet connection is all they need right?

Allright, let's bring them out......

I have so many, but I just don'w know where to start!

Maybe I will add more later on in this thread.

1. Steven Wagenheim

Gotta love this guy. He loses his job because his employers think he is too old!! They really didn't realize the blessing they were about to bestow on him.
Next thing you know, the guy discovers that he has more writing talent than he can possibly imagine. So, he starts ghost writing, and writing articles here and there, and in the process builds an incredible work ethic and discipline. This eventually becomes a habit, and it is this habit that continues to define and shape him into the person we know today.

This of course is simply a basic one liner about Steven Wageheim, but you get my point. Life has thrown curve balls at him, and you sense in him a strong "non-victim" mentality. Why? Probably because he has learnt to give appropriate responses to anything that life throws at him. That is why I love his straight talk, and his integrity. He is just not the type to whine and complain!

Now, about how much money he makes?? That, to be honest, I have no clue! But from I have seen and read about him, he has got to be a multiple 6-figure earner!

Steven Wagenheim is DEFINITELY an inspiration and a model for me!

2. Lee McIntyre

Gotta love his accent right? This guy is boiling over with enthusiasm. I mean, he could be describing how he woke up, brushed his teeth and went to the bathroom in a way that will keep you at the edge of your seat to find out what he did next!!

This guy was a simple teacher trying to make ends meet like many. One thing about him is that he is passionate about teaching - that's definitely something worth highlighting.

So, he sort of stumbles into Internet marketing through another well known UK Internet marketer. Lee signs up for this marketer's class and starts studying the material like crazy. Being a teacher himself, he is always looking for the best way to break it down to the simplest and most actionable steps.

Here is a guy who simply LOVES helping people. So, no sooner had he started implementing stuff that he was already trying to help others get setup!...... I find that VERY refreshing!

Of course he soon realized that he could not go around helping everyone for free, and that he would have to monetize his time or stay broke!
Even though he learnt to monetize his knowledge through free content, he has still kept (in my opinion) a very humble and giving heart, and for me, these are values that transcend fame, wealth and popularity.

Yeah...you still have to pay the bills...I know! The thing about Lee is that he is proof that you don't have to be a "rich jerk" (no pun intended), but you can be a regular and normal guy, and still make truck loads of money.
If I am not mistaken he should now be around $50k+ per month with his business....and he is just getting started!
By the way, even though you don't see him here often, he also learnt alot from the warrior forum; he says so himself!

Now your turn guys!!!!

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