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Hello Warriors,

Edit : I wasn't sure where to post this and I think I got it in the wrong spot.

My name is Kyle and I have been designing and coding websites since I was 12 years old and I am 21 years old now. I have not yet learned PHP and have mostly stuck with Photoshop and HTML/CSS. I want to get into the business of selling WordPress themes but I don't know the best way is to do this.

If anyone has any contacts of who can code WordPress themes from HTML/CSS or PSD Files that would be great.

Also could someone talk to me about this area of the business; The expenses. How you first started. How is market. How to market. Is it worth the time? How much you make? How much could you make? Do I need a facebook and twitter account.

I know some of you will probably recommend to get my feet wet first by designing some PSD's and offering some simple HTML/CSS template coding. Which is fine and I should do that. But I am looking to take a quantum leap. I want to design my portfolio tonight and get on the ball of designing and selling WordPress themes asap.

Help fill me in the blanks and steps I need to take.

I would also be willing to collaborate right now with you and help you design and code your website for free if it will help add to my portfolio. Limit 5 page design & 1 PHP Contact Form. I can't do WordPress yet but maybe I can think of something.

There are a lot of questions still to be answered, such as Keyword Ranking, Word of mouth, Do I need to go local and possibly more.

Thanks again,

This is my first post on warrior forum after I was referred here by a friend.
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    G'day Kyle,

    Welcome to the warrior forum. You've posted this in the wrong section, though .

    There is too much here for me to answer in one fell swoop at this moment, however, I've got msn and an e-mail account that I can help you through. If you want to send me a PM on here or DP, I'll give you my details and I can start to help you .

    Cheers and good luck!

    Australian article writer. 5c per word, 50% off for first 5 people. 1c off price per word if done through UpWork.
    Contact me on here to get started.
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    Try going to school to get the necessary skills. This is the truth and if you are serious about this as a career...learn the skills while you are young!
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      Mmmm yea. What should I learn? There are soooo many options. There is web design, Web Development, There is business, There is sooooo much. I want to own my own business and be a opportunist at anything I can but this will take work. I'm thinking about learning web design and taking some business classes to start. Does that sound good?
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      Originally Posted by Cutsizzle View Post

      Learn something of everything.
      Sounds good, I took web design in High school for 2 years, but it would be nice to skill up some more. I just am kind of trying to save up for a ps3 for myself. I'm pretty sure my parents could pay for college or I could get financial aid if they can't.

      I guess your advice is right. College will open opportunity's for me too. I just met with a career / job counselor and took a test called the WoWi after that they will help me plan school or a job. I am going to tell them I am looking for school now though. I was thinking a job. But this post has changed my feelings a bit.
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