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I recently had a cool opportunity to go and hang out with Mike Filsaime in NY, and one of the coolest things (of many) that I picked up from him... was a killer piece of software called Jing.

This thing is wickedly cool... I literally stopped typing my emails and starting recording them due to how easy and powerful this little widget is!

Here's a quick video overview:

and like always... id love some feedback! =)

Kris Mainieri
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    Jing has been around for quite some time... I used it but I found it was not goon enough. Here's whyy...

    1. Jing videos can not be longer than 5 minutes. (Mine are much, much longer...)

    2. You can not edit the videos...

    3. There is no nannotation tool...

    4. The flexibility of formats is just not there...

    5. You can not take 20 clips and merge them into one nice one like in Camtsia...

    6. No audio 2 or audio 3 track to add instrumental music clips etc...

    7. No feature for recording Callouts or Watermarks

    8. Jing only produces flash videos

    I could go on why Jing can never compete with Camtasia. In the end I guess you get what you pay for. Techsmith is the company behind both these softwares, and Jing is free whiule they charge 300 for Camtasia. And there's a reason for that...

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    I use camtasia and screenflow to record all my videos.... but to send quick personal messages and emails i use Jing.... easy quick and SIMPLE.

    Nuff said =)
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      I think possibly the most important of all you can't upload your Jing videos to YouTube and other video sites and you're always stuck with that redirect link to Jing at the end of every video you create.

      Jing does have some really cool uses but these 2 limitations make it worthless for a lot of applications.

      It is still great for communicating with friends cilents etc using a screen capture video and it could also be really valuable for staff training.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh

      P.S. The most valuable feature of Jing is the image capture.

      You can capture any image from your computer screen, add in arrows, frames, text etc

      No redirect link and the application is always available.

      Very handy.
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