What tools do you use alongside Market Samurai for keyword research?

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I have recently got Market Samurai & like it very much, however I still haven't quite figured out the best way of "drilling down" to long tail keywords using it.

Eg. I have a very competitive site (not niche) which I'de like to drill down some long tail KW to target by adding modifiers such as locality etc,

Just wondering what tools (if any) you use alongside Market Samurai eg any sort of keyword scraping tool or other products to compliment it.

Currently I am just using MS suggestions and also researching the KW phrases google analytics tells I'm getting good hits with little bounce.

However, MS often tells me there is zero searches for these phrases...which cannot be correct as they came from my Google analytics!

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    google keyword tool, keywordspy and micro niche finder
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    Market samurai is AMAZING. Make sure you watch all the videos to fully understand how to really use the tool to it's full potential.
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    cheers guys - just wondering if there are tools you use alongside it. Currently I am using the Wonder Wheel to get base keywords.

    I haven't tried MNF yet but may give it a go.

    Def enjoying Market Samurai
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      Some good tools mentioned, not much value to add there.

      I will remind you of the objective of KW research. Too often marketers forget about the people. Of course your KW target is highly dependent on such strategies, how I will mention the power of focus groups.

      Spend one hour with a few potential site visitors and ask questions. You'll be amazed on the data collection. Then group your keywords, expand those clusters using tools. Run your expanded list through extreme scrutiny with the tools consider competitive nature of the KW, search volume, perhaps commercial intent and then test those KWs.
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        MS and MNF compliment each other well
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    The only keyword tool I ever use is Google's.
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