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I posted this on the Google Analytics forum, but got no answer...

How can I set up an advanced segment that only shows the search engine traffic going directly to a particular URL on my website? I haven't been able to figure out a 100% accurate way to do it... :confused:
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      I don't know man, it doesnt make sense to me that this would be impossible... I can partially get the results...

      source contains "google", "yahoo", "bing", etc


      landing page contains *the url*

      I can't believe that it's impossible to do this!
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    Wait you just answered your own question, you have to view the landing pages.

    On the left hand side go to Traffic Sources, click Search Engines.

    It will show you a list of search engines and traffic from each, in the first row, there will be another drop down that says none, so select Landing Pages and you will view traffic from each search engine to pages on your website. If you click advanced filter, you will be able to search for the landing page that you want to see the stats for.

    Now if you want to view aggregate organic traffic, then on the left drop down in the first row, select medium and it will show the total search engine traffic landing on a particular page.
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      you just answered your own question
      Thank you... to me
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